This happy little ghoul is popping right out her top like a jack-in-the-box!

This little ghoul is named Jacq O’ Lantern. She’s the first mini quilt pattern designed to use both sides of fabric.

Jacq O’ Lantern is sew much fun to make!

First of all, Jacq O’ Lantern is a pint-size lesson about value.

Secondly, when you learn how to make this little ghoul, you’ve already learned the easy tricks for using value! Use the Tricky Traits of Value (click here for more info) to make any of the my patterns that use both spooky (or beautiful) sides of fabric!

Jacq O’ Lantern finishes at 12 inches square, perfect for the table-top quilt stands.

Side note: I was never real big on Halloween decorations when our kids were little. We didn’t avoid Halloween, but I just didn’t want to spend money on decorations when we could spend it on Christmas decorations instead. So…why is it I LOVE Halloween fabric so much? It’s a mystery.

Or…maybe it’s not such a mystery! One of my favorite scenes to draw as a kid was a witch on a broomstick. (I only had a couple of drawings I liked to do – over and over. One was a beach scene with a palm tree-are you surprised? ) This witch always had a long chin that jutted out and a big ole wart on her curved nose. Maybe these Halloween fabrics take me back to my childhood or something. Several of my favorite quilts and projects are Halloween themed. I’m sure you seen them before but, well, ’tis the season!

Here are more fun Halloween themed quilts:

Below is Something’s Brewing. The steam and bubbles are made from the reverse!

Notice the honey buzzard claw feet?

Want to make a larger little ghoul? To use up more of those fun, spooky fabrics, here is Jacq O’ Lantern XL!

Lastly, here are some other fun Halloween projects I’ve enjoyed in the past.

Image of Punch Needle
Black Kitty Punch Needle
Image of Instant Bargello Quilt
Instant Bargello Quilt


As you might have guessed, there’s a reason for the different spelling of this pattern. In short, our youngest daughter’s name is Jacquelyn. We’ve always had nicknames for her such as JacqJacq, Jacq, Da Jacinator  (at the age of two she could “destroy” a room in minutes), Jacqity Jacq (don’t talk back), and, of course, Jacq O’ Lantern.

See Jacq O’Lantern and all her friends HERE in my Etsy shop, Creative Bee Studios!