If you remember Merle’s Bouquet, you’ll see the difference a focus fabric can make!

To review, you might recall that Merle is my neighbor and owner of this vintage watering can. When Merle leaves town, this is the can I use to water her flowers.

I happen to love vintage watering cans, too. Therefore, when AQS requested a quilt design that used both beautiful sides of fabric, I instantly thought of arranging a bouquet in Merle’s vintage watering can.

Image of AQ Magazine
Image of Merle's Bouquet for AQ

Use both beautiful sides of one focus fabric.

As a result of the editor of AQS (American Quilter’s Society) requesting a new pattern for their magazine, I asked Merle if I could photograph and sketch her beautiful collection of vases and her vintage watering can.

As a result, the watering can made the cut!

Similar to Little Susie, the mason jar or Noelle, the ice skates, and Kate (plus many more), this bouquet will be made with a modern broderie perse technique. The bouquet and binding are made from the RIGHT side of fabric, while the watering can is made with the REVERSE.

Notice the light value of the watering can (made from the reverse of the focus fabric) seem to reflect the bouquet made from the front. The flowers are cut from the fused fabric (broderie perse) and arranged as the quilter desires. Aside from auditioning and choosing fabrics for the background, this is the most satisfying part of the process! Quilters in classes really enjoy watching their bouquets “grow’. Each individual’s vision of their bouquet makes these quilts a little work of art.

Learn more about Broderie Perse.

New fabric, new look.

Remember Merle's Bouquet Quilt
Merle’s Bouquet

This vintage watering can quilt has a new, bold look, due mostly to the focus fabric. This RJR Digital floral has a bold motif of painted flowers and birds. Because the value of the focus fabric is strong, it can handle stronger background fabrics.

Auditioning both sides of fabric.

Each pattern describes how to audition both sides of fabric. It’s all about value. In fact, when you learn to audition both sides, you are honing a skill you can apply to all your future quilts! Using of both sides of fabric is like a study in the nuances of value. Learn more HERE.

Finally, remember Merle’s Bouquet is made from floral focus fabrics, but might find other fun motifs as well or ones with little extras, like butterflies, bees, or birds!

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