Sweet pumpkin is in the air!

Autumn brings the best of pumpkin to our senses. You might have already enjoyed your favorite seasonal coffees. Maybe you’ve lit some sweet-scented candles. Are you anticipating that first bite of sweet pumpkin pie?

It’s true, this time of year, pumpkin touches almost all our senses. Now you can add the cozy touch of wool and the unique look of the combination of plaid, lace, and burlap to make your fall seasonal experience complete!

Here is the Sweet Pumpkin Applique pillow.

Sweet Pumpkin
Sweet Pumpkin Applique

First, download the free template here.

Use the template for your own pumpkin project or make the pillow as shown.

Sweet Pumpkin Applique

Accent Pillow Size: 12 x 17 inches

First, trace the template designs onto the paper side of fusible. Cut loosely around each. Press onto back of wool. Cut on lines.

Next, baste one 12-inch piece of 2 1/2-inch lace onto the left edge of 6 1/2 x 12-inch burlap. Pin, right sides together, one 11 x 12 inch plaid fabric and burlap together; stitch.

Then place applique pieces from back to front in order as listed and numbered: Pumpkin, Stem, Leaf, Small Sunflower Center (slip petal ends beneath center), Large Sunflower Center (slip petal ends 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 beneath center; add petals 10 and 11 on top). Press to fuse pieces in place.

Hand stitch the wool applique using the blanket stitch and/or running stitch. I suggest these Valdani threads, size 8: Pumpkin: Easter; Stem: PT4; Leaf: P11 Aged Black; Sunflowers: P5.

Sweet Pumpkin Closeup

When handwork is complete, align and pin 12 x 17-inch backing with top, right sides together. Mark a 4-inch area for turning on fabric end of pillow. Machine stitch. Trim corners and turn. Use fingers to gently push out corners in burlap. Fill with small tuffs of polyester fill. Turn ends of opening inward and stitch.

Lastly, add a decorative blanket stitch (optional) across the end with a thick thread to make a nice edge.

 Looking ahead to Christmas cheer, here’s JOYFUL, made with BOTH beautiful sides of fabric!

Image of MERRY
MERRY Quilt Pattern

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