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And…quilt by the light of the moon.

It certainly is a wonderful life when you can dance by the light of the moon.

This bison quilt makes me want to dance by the light of the moon because I couldn’t help singing along with characters George and Mary from It’s a Wonderful Life with those very words!

Sharing a quilt pattern is ALWAYS wonderful! Learn about this unique way to use both sides of fabric and the story behind this design.

The quilt, Buffalo Moon, is made with both sides of a light focus fabric on a starry, night-time background!

This Buffalo Moon quilt is a creation that has a lot of meaning for me – which is interesting since I have never lived “where buffalo roam”!

We enjoyed a visit to South Dakota for the first time the summer before I designed this quilt. Our youngest daughter was playing the role of Laurie in OKLAHOMA! at The Black Hills Playhouse in Custer, South Dakota. See South Dakota Quilts & More , OKLAHOMA! Backroads in South Dakota, and Quilting – Dakota Style.

Image of Bison
The bison were aplenty as we first entered the park!
Image of Final Show Scene
OKLAHOMA! at the Black Hills Playhouse

Buffalo Moon is made using BOTH sides of a fabulous focus fabric (say that three times fast!) on a scrappy, nighttime background. Spotting the bison roaming the Black Hills was an incredible experience. Having also learned about the Legend of the White Buffalo, saying YES to this focus fabric was easy! Unlike most of my other patterns, the difference in value between the front and reverse of the focus fabric are subtle, but still noticeable. This motif that reads as moon craters makes one want to dance by the light of the moon! Choosing dark background fabrics was a change of pace from my previous designs and a lot of fun!

Notice the ombre trees, the twinkling stars and the barbed wire fence fabrics?

Image of Black Hills Playhouse

We got a second round in bison country the following season, when Jacq played Annelle in Steel Magnolias and, one of her bucket list roles,…Sophie in Mamma Mia!

Needless to say, she was quite excited to be able to work again in such a beautiful place–but, even more, she was very happy to be able to work at what she loved to do.

My husband and I watched both of our girls struggle to work at what is their passion – and wondered at times where they got such courage. Yes, I make jokes that we let them play too much dress up and not do enough science fair projects, but truly I am glad they had the will to give it a whirl…and, in this case, go where the buffalo roam.

Jacq as Violet Bick in It’s a Wonderful Life

Buffalo gals won’t you come out tonight…

Image of Turtle Quilt
Dakota Quilt Pattern
Image of Bison Skull Quilt
Tanka Quilt Pattern

Reach for the stars…lasso the moon, or

…maybe just dance by the light of the moon.


South Dakota Quilts & More

Fabulous is the word to describe our trip to Custer, South Dakota! Quilts, quilt shops, a quilt in a musical, quilts at our bed and breakfast, quilts on a monument – what more could a quilter ask for?

Our daughter graduated in May as a musical theatre major and was excited to be hired by Black Hills Playhouse – her first paid gig as a graduate (yes). We knew little about the playhouse or South Dakota, but planned our trip right away when we learned she would play Laurey in OKLAHOMA!

I had no idea the trip would be so quilter friendly!

Dignity is a 50-foot-tall statue in Chamberlain, SD, to honor the cultures of the Dakota and Lakota people. She represents courage, perseverance and wisdom. Made from stainless steel, Dignity wears a Native dress from the 1850s and holds a star quilt made from 128 stainless steel blue diamonds. Dignity was designed by artist laureate Dale Lamphere and gifted to the state of South Dakota by Norm and Eunabel McKie. Learn more about Dignity HERE.Image of Dignity StatueImage of Dignity's Quilt

Just down the road from Dignity in the city of Chamberlain is The Quilt Shop. In addition to several rooms filled with bolt after bolt of beautiful fabric, is the main room featuring a mix of Native American art, jewelry, beads, quilt patterns, kits, laser pre-cuts, panels, and more fabric!

Owner Sonya was friendly and helpful, and is now selling #usebothsides patterns in her shop! Check out her website HERE.

Image of Bison

A partial herd of bison “greeted” us when we entered The Black Hills.

The South Dakota landscape is diverse and amazing. First up was a drive through the Badlands.

Image of Badlands, SD

The Badlands, South Dakota

There were bison statues all through the town of Custer, too – of course I had to share the one with the quilt.Image of Bison Statue with Quilt

Check out this bison following us on the road (view is from inside our Tahoe).Image of Bison on Road

Taking this long of a trip to see a show, we didn’t see it just once (three times) and we didn’t stop smiling, even to the end of the third show!




Image of Black Hills Playhouse

Click here for more info on BHP.







It’s amazing that this quaint theater tucked in the hills has such a dedicated following, especially when you see the roads people travel to get to it! At least the first three shows were sold out. The energy level of the cast was high, the performances perfected, the direction was unique and solid (not that I’m an expert at ALL, but I know what I like) and the SOUND…I could hear every word. It was a wonderful experience. Everything you would expect from a professional playhouse.

OKLAHOMA! runs through July 29th and then they open The Game’s Afoot on August 3rd!

Image of Curly and Laurey

Curly and Laurey played by Lukas Ptacek and Jacquelyn Kiefner

Image of Ado Annie and Star Quilt

Ado Annie – “I’m just a girl who cain’t say no!” Played by Josey Miller.

See  more incredible photos by Sage Studios Professional Photography on their Facebook Page HERE or go to their website HERE. He really captured the moments and the energy-even the rice toss the moment before the lights went out at the end of the show.



The star quilts took on significance for the Sioux and Assiniboine when buffalo was pushed to near extinction and hides and robes were no longer given as honors. Also known as the Star of Bethlehem, the pattern is also featured in quill work, bead work and paintings.

Image of Mt. Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

Image of Crazy Horse Mock Up

Mock Up of Crazy Horse Memorial

We got to spend part of one day with our daughter and took in Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore!

Image of Kathy and Ernie

Owners Kathy and Ernie, Dakota Dream

Last, but certainly NOT least to share about our trip, was the warm welcome we received at Dakota Dream Bed & Breakfast & Horse Hotel. Kathy and Ernie were delightful hosts and, I’m telling you, they thought of EVERY thing to make our stay special! We highly recommend! Even after day three, I was still finding little things they did to provide all the comforts, well, beyond OUR home!

Learn more about Dakota Dream HERE!

Image of Breakfast Plate

Every breakfast was a work of art.

Image of Quilt

Kathy’s a quilter, too!

Image of Matt and Karla at Dakota Dream

Me and the hubbs.

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OKLAHOMA! Backroads in South Dakota

In 2014, I made this Bonnie Hunter quilt called “Oklahoma Backroads” (click here for pattern link) for my daughter’s graduation from high school and to commemorate her role as Laurey Williams in OKLAHOMA!. Image of Quilt

Image of Quilt Label

Notice I named Jacq’s quilt using all caps with an exclamation point – as the musical is named –OKLAHOMA!.

I used lots of scraps (as you do in a Bonnie Hunter quilt – which I LOVE)! Some of them included fabrics from  my mother-in-law’s stash. One of those fabrics was from matching colonial dresses she made for Jacquelyn and her American Girl doll, Kirsten, for a trip to Colonial Williamsburg.  Also, i used fabric and lace on the borders which were used on Jacquelyn’s costume for the role of Laurey. Image of OK! PosterImage of Dancer SpinningImage of Quilt by PoolImage of Scene from OKLAHOMA!

As a graduate with a major in musical theatre, Jacquelyn heads out tomorrow to work three months in South Dakota and she’s taking “OKLAHOMA! Backroads” quilt with her as she’s once again playing the role of Laurey Williams for Black Hills Playhouse. As you might guess, our vacation this year will be to South Dakota for opening night!

I love that there are meaningful fabrics in the quilt she’s packing.Image of TheatreImage of Theatre Inside

We’ve never been to this area of the country, so I’m looking forward to seeing all the sights AND quilt shops (recommendations please)!

When I made this quilt, I separated my scraps into lights, mediums, and darks. However, I really hadn’t discovered that the values change, depending upon what values surround them. I would have achieved a more defined pattern and secondary pattern had I paid attention to that AND had I used my camera’s black and white function to check the values. I’ve learned a lot with #usebothsides quilts when it comes to VALUE! (Click here for a post about value.)

Be sure to check out the newest pattern, AngelinaImage of Pointe Shoe Quilt and all the #usebothsides patterns (click here) in my Etsy shop!