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Quilting Accountability-for FUN

Have you ever shared with a friend something like: “I’m starting a diet – ask me next week if I’m still on it.”?

Well, friends, here is my latest on-the-go, in-the-wings, relax-time project…and I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew! It’s EPP (English Paper Piecing) – to the MAX!

Sometimes I need my friends to keep me accountable.

From Willyne Hammerstein’s book, Millefiori Quilts, comes the pattern for La Passacaglia! Willyne’s quilts are just amazing and LARGE EPP projects – this one uses just five shapes to make the book cover quilt you see here.

Image of New Quilt Project

And you can see my start – LOTS to go!

Instead of using papers that have to be removed, I like to use Apliquick fusible – a very light-weight material that you fuse onto the reverse side of your shapes. When it cools, it is just stiff enough to hold its shape as you fold the fabric over it. A touch of a glue stick holds the seam allowances in place as you stitch your shapes together. The fusible is so light, there’s no need to remove anything – a big plus, I think!

Because the pre-cut Appliquick only comes in hexagon shapes, I purchased yardage of it. Then found these wonderful Custom Quilt Set templates by Cabin in the Woods, made specifically for the La Passacaglia.

Image of Templates Kit

As you can see, each template has the center cut out, so you can use the inner template to cut your fusible and the outer template for the fabric. These templates are nice and thick, so they are easy to hang on to and you can use them as quilting templates, too.

Image of Templates

This project is one I suspect will take years – or a decade! But I will say it is addicting and, like hand-quilting, goes faster than you might think. But I only plan to work on it while traveling or when I want a bit of evening handwork to do. Stay tuned for updates as this quilt grows. Full disclosure: I’m not totally committed to it being as large as the pattern says, which is 144 x 176 cm (57 x 69 inches), but that would be quite COOL! We’ll just have to see…as time goes by. See the portion I’m working on now for perspective!

Image of Quilt

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Best Tip for Paper Piecing!

This is my single best quilting tip for the paper-piecing technique.

Paper piecing…foundation piecing, foundation paper piecing…whatever you call it, it baffles me every time.

Maybe it’s because I don’t do the technique often enough or maybe it’s because I was never good at that section of the ACT test where you had to match the box with the flat template. Maybe my brain just isn’t that mathematically/spatially-inclined (sorry to disappoint, Mrs. Miller).

This is a partially completed project I inherited from my mother-in-law, Pat.

Yes, I always have to start with a reminder of how to place the first piece (easy enough). Then I try and try and try to guess the smallest (yet large-enough) piece of fabric to cover the next areas in numerical order.

Over and over, I try to out-think the pattern, certain that my piece of fabric will coverage every bit of the pattern piece, plus seams, all the way to the edge of the design without using a crazy amount of fabric. But alas, over and over, I fail–there’s a tiny speck of uncovered paper, so obvious when the fabric is missing.

…Until I finally GIVE.

One must SUBMIT, I’ve learned, to paper piecing. One must be humbled to the Paper Piecing Process and the excruciating fact that…

There WILL BE wasted fabric!

It is the nature of the beast.

So here is my Best Tip for Paper Piecing!:

Think big.  

Think BIG, really!

Think really BIG!

Paper piecing is much more fun when you do!

Star Lite Village by Judy Robinson, 1995

Hmmm, wonder if I should use paper piecing for one of my friend’s Round Robin borders?  Read the post about our current guild Round Robin Challenge, “It’ll Be Fun They Said” (click here) and stay tuned for updates on the challenge!

Tell me about your paper piecing or Round Robin challenges.

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