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Phoebee Goes to Market!

This is how Phoebee for Hoffman began: I’d wondered for a few years what it would be like to collaborate with a fabric company. I never dreamed it would be this fun!

Starting on August 3, at 3:47 p.m., I opened two packages of 21 fabrics  from Hoffman California Fabrics company. 

Image of Fabric
Fabrics from Hoffman California Fabrics.

First and foremost, for the next six hours, I auditioned “Phoebee for Hoffman” fabrics trying to get just the right mix of color, contrast, values, and feel that would be worthy of this new line by Hoffman California Fabrics.

Well, Electric Garden rocks! Vibrant color with a soft, contrasting reverse side was just the recipe I needed. I flipped several backgrounds to their reverse as well, so they wouldn’t compete with the bee or flowers. The next step was cutting out Phoebee and her flowers.

Image of Quilt on Clothesline
Image of Phoebee Quilt
Image of Phoebee for Hoffman

I slept on this mix so I could get a fresh look the next morning. Yes! I began fusing and quilting (on my Handiquilter Avante) right away. Next came the prairie point hanging method, binding, label, photos, writing and producing the pattern, and Phoebee was flying to California on Tuesday, August 7th!

Image of Quilt in Frame
Image of Back of Quilt

My new friend in California let me know Phoebee 2.0 arrived safely! Now for the waiting game…

Image of Phoebee at Quilt Market
Phoebee 2.0 in the Hoffman booth at market!
Image of Electric Garden
Phoebee 2.0 pictured in the Projects Catalog

Quilt Market in Houston was November 3 – 5. I was fortunate that several kind quilter souls saw Phoebee 2.0 hanging in the Hoffman California Fabric booth and shared their pics with me on Instagram! Thank you, friends! 

This morning I am shipping Phoebee 2.0 patterns to a very fun quilt shop in (wait for it) Canada!

See more quilt patterns designed for Hoffman California Fabrics HERE!

Original Phoebee and Phoebee 2.0 quilt patterns are available in my Etsy Shop HERE.

Image of Bee Quilt
Phoebee Quilt Pattern

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To market, to market to buy a fat…

…there are no fat quarters (or pigs) at market, but here is what you will find.

You might have known they don’t have fat quarters at market. I, on the other hand, had no idea. I just thought that when quilt market was this close to home, I had to go. I wanted to try to figure out how this enigma called the quilting industry worked.

So I got my credentials and signed up. My plan was to talk to book publishers, fabric manufacturers, and magazine publishers. I also signed up for a blogging lecture by the fabulous Ebony Love (Love Bug Studios). After downloading the market phone app and seeing the exhibitors list, I had 5 x 7 cards  of my designs printed up to hand out in an effort to catch the eye of industry reps. I rehearsed my “lines” on my drive up.

So I arrive, check in at the marvelous Magnolia Hotel (thanks, Merle), and made my way to the entrance.

With my buyer’s guide in hand, I stepped into the business side of quilting. And, I kid you not, I forgot my name…and couldn’t think of a single thing I was going to say! But I pushed through, made very awkward introductions to industry professionals and pretended to be more than I am.  I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I was totally out of my league and painfully aware of it!

I was thankful to meet up with friendly faces from The Golden Needle for lunch before I continued my quest to conquer market. Then I was happy to meet The Hubs and DashTwo for a Cardinal game that night.

By day two I had betters bearings on why I was there, what I needed to accomplish, and how to go about it. It helped that I started the day with the blogging lecture where I got a boost in confidence because realized I wasn’t alone. There were others there -who were not shop-owners- also trying to connect the dots. So I just started talking to people in booths. I observed some “big (REALLY big) names” and listened to them lament that it took 20 or 30 years in the industry before their ideas really took off.

I learned there is not just one way to get the job done and that everyone there is taking a risk, especially the shop owners who are trying to out-guess their customers’ future buying whims. This is free enterprise at work. It is scary. And it is fun.

I found that most of the people there are very friendly, especially those who are newer in the industry and they are happy to tell their story and give advice. I just needed to be myself and tell them I was a newbie, just trying to figure this all out. One gal,  Kristyne Czepuryk (Pretty By Hand), who was debuting her first line of fabric, shared a lot about how she got started and gave me tips for how to start a fabric line. A gal in a booth nearby at Blackbird Designs gave me tips on book publishing. By Saturday afternoon, I decided to see if I could sign up for another of Ebony Love’s (Love Bug Studios) lectures and I was in luck. Just before close of the day, I ran into a friend/merchant that I see every year at the show in Paducah, Tina, of Turtlehand Fabrics and we had lots of fun talking about possible future  projects. I finished the night with Ebony’s lecture on independent publishing and the day was done.

It wasn’t my intention to return to market on Sunday, but I had a few more connections to make and several more questions I for which I needed answers. I was made more rounds and really enjoyed meeting people and learning from them. (I almost wish I’d kept my mouth shut the first two days, but you live and learn!) And if I could only tell you one thing about my trip to market is that I learned a LOT!

Now the work begins. Real life is waiting at home and outside of quilt market…it was a fun gig, but you know how it goes…

…home again, home again, jiggity jig.

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