Look through the chicken wire at the local fair for quilts and punch needle.


Vintage Fun Cross-stitch by Nancy Kester, Quilted by Karla Kiefner

There are county fairs all over our beautiful country each year–this one just happens to be in the Show-Me state.

The district fair is where you can show off your talent for growing plants, making quilts, raising livestock, crashing cars, grooming little ones (baby contests), singing, creating recipes, rooster crowing, showing livestock, hen clucking, antique-tractor pulling, barrel racing, juggling, doing magic tricks, and eating of things which are fried!

Not all things shown at the fair are kept out of reach, but many small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and poultry, as well as hand-made items like small quilts, embroidery, tatting, and crochet, are kept from wandering hands by the prolific use of chicken wire.


Sunflower Tile Punch Needle Embroidery

For over 155 years, people have gathered at this fair to eat, socialize, and kick back, and share the product of their skills. There are concerts and contests almost every night.  We (and our faithful friends and family) have spent many a year cheering our hearts out at the Heartland Idol contest in which our daughter was determined to compete. Plus, there’s the Little Miss SEMO Karaoke contest, pageants, mother/daughter look-alike contests, and a field full of carnival rides and games.

The fair kicks off with a parade through town, ending at the fairgrounds and even the local schools often schedule half-days during the fair so the kids can enjoy the fun.

One of my favorite places at the SEMO District Fair is inside the Arena building where the quilts and other hand-work are displayed, along with a touching display which honor our local men and women of our military who gave their all, along-side our guild’s display of  Quilts of Valor. My second fave is the Trinity Men’s Club stand where many of our church members work diligently each year, including my friend, Nancy, who stitched the Vintage Fun quilt shown above.


My Bella Piastrella takes a blue ribbon.

Of course, its always fun to win a little something–a ribbon from the fair makes the effort more fun and the promise of a smidgen of cash ($23 this year) to come in the mail makes it all the more sweet.

So next time a fair opens up near your town, take the time to check it out. Check out the barrel races or the strolling magician and treat yourself to a good ole fried turkey leg–and remember, go see what you can see…through the chicken wire.


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