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Image of Quilt Patterns using both sides
Tropical Sunset for Hoffman California Fabrics

Tropical Sunset was designed using BOTH beautiful sides for Hoffman California Fabrics!

Hoffman’s “Meet Me in Paradise” is arriving in shops March 2021! Patterns available wholesale from me AND through Brewer Distributors. Ask for Tropical Sunset!

Bestsellers for shops depend a bit on the locale of the shops across America. For instance, Buffalo Moon and Jack are popular where wildlife is abundant whereas Sandy and Fiona are bit hits in coastal quilt shops. Generally, though some patterns are big sellers regardless of shop locations. More than 45 titles available!

Check out the 18 x 24 inch wall hangings shown below. Quilters have no matching seams to worry about. The bouquets are fusible broderie perse (cutting blooms from the fabric motif) and fun to “arrange”. Even when using the same focus fabric, each bouquet takes on a unique look with the quilter’s touch.

With the same bouquet technique, Tropical Sunset (above) has borders added to a simple center section to make it a “window”. Quilters add their own style when they arrange the bouquet in the center!

Do your customers like larger quilts? Help make their larger quilts sparkle! With each pattern, quilters learn to audition BOTH sides of fabric, creating interest with the nuances of VALUE.

image of quilt that uses both sides
Dash About
Image of Dazzling Kate Quilt
Dazzling Kate

Quilters have tons of fun using both beautiful sides of fabric! I can suggest class favorites, artsy designs, or pieced quilt patterns to fit your shop and your clientele! New or seasoned quilters enjoy arranging their own bouquets and creating their own works of quilters art with these designs. Each pattern includes how to audition both beautiful sides of fabric. Your quilters will learn the nuances of value as they have fun creating their quilts.

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Image of Quilt Class

Use BOTH sides and you’ll never look at one side again!