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Bubbles the whale, relaxing at the beach! Bubbles is now available as a pattern, and as custom fabric and merchandise!

Welcome to Creative Bee Studios, home of unique quilt patterns and textile designs.

Here you will find quilt patterns that use both beautiful sides of fabric. Some make large, pieced quilts. Others are creative and easy art quilts. All of them are fun when you use BOTH beautiful sides! In addition, find NEW textile designs by Karla. Learn about How-To use both sides, programs and classes for guilds, wholesale opportunities, and view a gallery of quilts!

Why use BOTH beautiful sides?

  • It’s fun!
  • You’ll have a great conversation starter at quilt shops and with friends!
  • You can make EASY works of quilted art!
  • In additions, choosing fabrics becomes fun and easy!
  • Besides, you’ve already PAID for both sides!
  • The use of the reverse side provides a subtle change of value that, when added to a scrappy background, gives quilts a sparkle – making the eye linger across the quilt.
  • Moreover, you learn the nuances of value – a useful skill for all quilters!
Image of Quilt Patterns using both sides
Tropical Sunset Quilt Pattern – designed for Hoffman California Fabrics using “Meet Me in Paradise” Shop Etsy for Tropical Sunset

You can make easy and fun quilts using BOTH beautiful sides of fabric with quilt patterns and textile designs by Karla.

For instance, above you are seeing both beautiful sides of “Meet Me in Paradise” fabric by Hoffman California Fabrics. The magic is in the “value”. This super fast, easy quilt is made with simple borders around a center background. Then you simply add a fusible applique “woven” vase and arrange your own bouquet with broderie perse!

Discover more than 45 unique quilt patterns and (new) textile designs! Tropical Sunset is also available for wholesale purchase for shopowners.

Use both beautiful sides of your fabric! Quilters, discover the nuances of value as you learn to audition BOTH sides of your fabric!

How? It’s all about Value.

  • Pick a focus fabric with in interesting reverse side, add scrappy background fabrics from your stash, and make a quilted work of art – it’s easy and fast!
  • Detailed guide for auditioning fabrics in each pattern.
  • Make a scrappy background using fun accent strips for a fresh look.
  • Similarly, these patterns are great for stash-busting!
  • Full-size paper template included with printed applique patterns.
  • In addition, you get a Bonus: Prairie Point Hanging Method
  • Moreover, the patterns are great for guild or retreat workshops!

Visit Creative Bee Studios on Etsy for more than 45 quilt patterns designed for you to use BOTH sides of one or more fabrics

Image of Quilt Pattern and Textile Designs
Merle’s Bouquet was featured in AQ Magazine!

However, once you start using both sides of fabric, you’ll never look at one side again!

In addition, if you like larger quilts, you can piece both beautiful sides of fabric for sparkling pieced quilts!

#usebothsides Patterns have been featured in AQ Magazine, Hancock’s of Paducah, Nancy’s Notions, and Connecting Threads; collaborations with Hoffman California Fabrics and Hancock’s of Paducah.

Shop Patterns and Focus Fabric Kits at Creative Bee Studios on Etsy.