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Make your pieced quilts sparkle with interest when you use BOTH beautiful sides of fabric!

Image of pieced quilts

Pieced quilts are especially fun to make from both sides of fabric! Whether your are making a nestled block quilt or one with lots block units, you can add interest to your quilt by using the reverse sides of your fabrics.

Nestled Block Quilts

Firstly, when you look at the pieced quilts patterns that feature nestled blocks, notice that you can use stash fabrics from differing designers or a manufacturer’s coordinated line.  The VariLovable Star quilt (top-right above), for example is made using both beautiful sides of Hoffman California Fabric’s “Floral Rhapsody”. Secondly, this entire quilt is made from only three fabrics. Four variable star blocks are made using the reverse of each block as it’s background. Finally, nestled block quilts are especially fun and fast to put together because you start with the centermost block. When it is made, you’ve already completed the center of your next block!

One Block Pieced Quilts

Another fun way to use both sides of fabric is shown in the pieced quilt, Treasures. This quilt is made using only one block, the Contrary Wife block. However, it is made in two “value-ways” to achieve the dazzling diamond patterns you see. Additionally, Treasures  (middle-right and upper-left above) is made with both sides of three fabrics on a soft-white background.

Combination Pieced Quilts

Of course, all quilts have some piecing in them, unless they are whole-cloth designs. Some “Use Both Sides” patterns call for a combination of techniques. Admittedly, you’ll discover fusible applique, broderie perse, and  pieced borders in some patterns! The possibilities are endless!

Use Both Beautiful Sides

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to audition both sides of fabric, with itself AND with both sides of other fabrics. It’s all about value. When you audition and find fabrics you love that pass the test, it’s easy and fun to choose fabrics for your pieced quilts.

Bubbles Cuddle Stuffed Animal

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Make a Bubbles Cuddle stuffed animal for your favorite baby in just a few steps!

Bubbles Cuddle is made with, you guessed it, both beautiful sides of fabric!

See Bubbles the Baby Whale Cuddle on YouTube! Learn more at Creative Bee Studios on YouTube

Not only is this fun stuffed animal sewing project made with both sides of fabric, it only has THREE pieces (plus his eyes)!

Obviously, this stuffed animal matches the Bubbles the Baby Whale character from the original wall quilt, mini table quilt, and soft book panel. Likewise, this little, baby whale is made with both beautiful sides of “Bubbles Geometric” fabric, also designed just for Bubbles!

Of course, you can make Bubbles with both beautiful sides of your favorite fabric! Learn more about How to Use Both Sides HERE.

This stuffed animal sewing project goes together quickly. Here’s how!

  • First, you will trace the template and cut your fabrics. You only need two “sides” and one “belly” for the body of the whale. Also, you’ll cut two small circles from the template for his eyes, which you will fuse in place.
  • Next, with a bit of hand-stitching, using an embroidery hoop trick, you’ll quickly have the eyes and mouth in place.
  • Then, you are ready to sew this guy together, leaving an opening for stuffing.
  • Finally, after stuffing the baby whale, you’ll hand-stitch the opening closed.

Lastly, give your little Bubbles Cuddle a hug!

Seashore Friends Baby Quilt

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Brand New: Seashore Friends Baby Quilt Pattern!

Create a fun, fast baby quilt using one block, four fabrics, and BOTH beautiful sides!

The new Seashore Friends quilt is made with this one block – Reflecting 4-Patch.

Image of Reflecting 4-Patch

To start, the Reflecting 4-Patch block is made with seven squares and two 4-patch units. Make the reflection by using the reverse of each fabric for the “sunlight on the crest of the waves”.

Use both beautiful sides of four fabrics!

Next, use four fabrics to make the blocks that repeat outward from the center diagonal line.

In this baby quilt you see four fabrics from Seashore Friends Fabric Collection (my own designs), printed by Spoonflower on the exquisite Organic Cotton Sateen. Learn more about Organic Cotton Sateen HERE. This fabric is a delight for quilters and PERFECT for baby!

Gentle waves come to shore in this one-block quilt. Use the reverse side of four fabrics to mimic the sun’s reflection on the crest of the waves. No matter what your fabric motif, the reverse will add an “I Spy” activity for baby.

Seashore Friend Baby Quilt

See the full Seashore Friends Fabric Collection

Stitch up a quick little soft book for your special baby using the fat-quarter panel of Organic Cotton Sateen to go with your baby quilt!

See more about The Adventures of Bubbles the Baby Whale

Suppose you (or the baby’s parents) aren’t into nautical baby. What to do? Consider other motifs like tractors, frogs, flowers, hearts – anything really, as long as they have beautiful reverse sides that work for your quilt!

image of babyquilt and merchandise
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Enjoy your quilting journey!

Meet Dazzling Kate

Add sparkling borders to turn beautiful Kate into…Dazzling Kate!

First, a short history of how Dazzling Kate came to be: A short four years ago, I began designing quilts using both sides of fabric. Many of the new patterns were based on a 36-inch size wall hanging. The first phase were of a bee, butterfly and dragonfly. The next series of three were bouquets and vases. All of the first six patterns were made using a combination of fusible applique and broderie perse. Click here to learn more about Broderie Perse.

Basically, you take one focus fabric and use both sides of it to gain a difference in value. Sometimes that difference is subtle; sometimes it is stark. It all depends on the style of your quilt and what you are trying to achieve.

For instance, take a look at both sides of this fabric. While the front is very bright, the reverse also has movement and interest. It has a lighter value than the front but still catches your eye.

Image of Front for Dazzling Kate
Front of Kaffe Fassett Collective Japanese Chrysanthemum by Philip Jacobs
Image of Reverse of Fabric
Reverse of Kaffe Fassett Collective Japanese Chrysanthemum by Philip Jacobs

What makes Dazzling Kate sparkle is the use of both sides of this one focus fabric!

While the center section remains the same as the original Kate, the borders sparkle around the center with half-square triangles.

Add a “stop” flange to surround the center section using the RIGHT side of the focus fabric. Connect the borders with cornerstones. Even the binding is made with the focus fabric!

Overall, this makes planning this large quilt so easy! Just add interesting “neutrals” and fun accent strips. There’s even a tiny flange attached to the outer edge of the quilt. Dazzling Kate finishes at 60 x 60 inches.

Image of Dazzling Kate Quilt

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Have yourself a happy, wonderful day and ENJOY your quilting journey!


Coastal Christmas Decor

You can enjoy the beach throughout the holidays by adding beautiful coastal decorations to your Christmas theme!

Yeah, we live smack dab in the middle of the country. So why do I want to have Coastal Christmas decorations? There’s just something about summer, sunshine, warmth, water and the beach that makes me happy.

The colors, smells, and sparkle of the ocean are part of it. In fact five or six years ago, when turquoise was first introduced as a Christmas color made me realize I never really like traditional green and red. Many people love the traditional hues. They just never really worked for me.

We lived in Pensacola twice (see Quilts at the Beach). Add in that my husband flew F/A-18 fighter jets, so our love for the Blue Angels is part of the beach experience for us. Therefore, over the years of vacationing near our previous home, we’ve collected Pensacola specific coastal decor over the years. Our family room has slowly evolved into a coastal retreat.

Now, this Christmas, it has become a full-blown Coastal Christmas decorations feast for the eyes!

Image of Coastal Christmas Decorations

Can you see the stingrays circling the tree? Sparkling sea shells, jellyfish, turtles, fishes, and pearls decorate this country tree.

Image of coastal christmas ornaments
Image of quilt
Image of Mermaid stocking holder

See how Treasures fits right in? The fabrics features seahorses, shells, and coral. This quilt kit uses both beautiful sides of three fabrics on a soft white background. It’s easy, too. There’s only one block: Contrary Wife. This quilt adds it’s own sparkle to our room and I just love it.

Image of Treasures
Coastal Christmas Decorations

While the rest of the house has a more traditional feel, I just love entering the family room and feeling like we are back home again, in Pensacola.

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Enjoy YOUR quilting journey!

Joyful Quilt Pattern

Meet Joyful! This new quilt pattern is an extended version of an original design.

If you’ve followed me a while, you’ll know that the JOY quilt pattern was one of my first designs from way back in 2017. (Not that long ago, really.) This new pattern Joyful steps out of the box and expands the original. You might say she transcends her borders…with the use of borders!

Image of quilt Pattern

As you can see above, an ombre snowflake panel is a bold choice for a focus fabric. The snowflakes are reflected on the wrapped gifts under three! The backgrounds fabrics are bolder for this quilt than for the original because the borders are an added attraction. You’ll learn to audition both sides of fabric so you can confidently choose focus, background, flange and border fabrics. It’s a lot of fun because you’ll KNOW when you’ve got a great combination!

Add a sparkling border to a center that dazzles with Christmas cheer.

Image of Joyful

Like all my patterns, you learn how to cleverly use both sides of your fabric to make a unique and intriguing quilt. The front of your Christmas focus fabric makes the tree. The reverse makes the gifts under the tree. See the soft “reflection” of the tree on the gift wrapping?

Flange adds more interest!

Image of Quilt Pattern Cover

Add interest to your quilt with two flanges. The first frames the center of the quilt and is made with a stripe (mine was cut on the bias, but you can purchase bias stripe if you prefer).

The second flange pulls your eye through the quilt from the center out to the edge.

See Joy Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern for more about the original design.

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Enjoy your quilting journey!

A Quilted Treasure

This new quilted treasure is an explosion of value differences that take your eye through it like a treasure map!

treas ure trezh’er

Treasure can be defined as a collection of precious things; something of great worth or value.

When naming the original quilt pattern, I chose the word TREASURES because your eye has to search through the subtle pattern to find a single block. I was also using sea-life fabrics of sea horses, coral, and seashells, so the idea of a treasure hunt made sense. Lastly, the secret to this quilt is value – it’s just a treasure chest of FUN!

Image of Quilted Treasure

The quilted treasure you seek in this pattern is all made using one-block – the Contrary Wife block. See the two versions of this one block in the original post: Introducing…Treasures HERE.

Image of Quilted Treasure Block

Last week I introduced you to a quilt and fabric designer, Kathy Doughty, whose quilts you can get lost in. Click HERE to read more. Treasures is a quilt that reads like that to me. In fact the secondary design is easier to see than the individual blocks. And yet, it’s a surprisingly simple quilt to make! Simply make two versions of one block, lay them out to make the design and sew them together. This quilted treasure has a flange for an accent.

Using a different value for the diamond pattern makes them sparkle.

Another reason why Treasures is an easy quilt to make: you only need four fabrics for the whole quilt! Use BOTH beautiful sides of three fabrics with one background fabric. It’s that simple!

Use both beautiful sides of three fabrics.

Treasures made with Hoffman California Fabrics is a special treat! It’s made with their line, Bohemian Blenders, which look like fireworks on display. See Treasures in the Hoffman Projects Catalog.

Since Treasures is one of six designs made for Hoffman California Fabrics I can say with confidence that they have lots of great fabric with both beautiful sides!

Watch Creative Bee Studios on YouTube!

Choose Three Beautiful Fabrics for Your Next Quilt!

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

When you only need to choose three beautiful fabrics, deciding on what to use for your next quilt can be fun and easy!

Sometimes choosing and collecting fabrics for a quilt can be a daunting task. It can even take longer than making the quilt itself. Therefore, to make things easier, use BOTH beautiful sides! Make this quilt with only three beautiful fabrics!

Introducing the NEW VariLovable Star, using Hoffman California Fabrics “Floral Rhapsody” line!

Use three beautiful fabrics in this quilt called VariLovable Star!
VariLovable Star before quilting.

These happy fabrics are a part of Hoffman California Fabrics line called Floral Rhapsody!

Three beautiful fabrics!
Floral Rhapsody by
Hoffman California Fabrics

Firstly, I’ve recently shared a new Dash About quilt, also made using this line by Hoffman. You might recognize this line – and their beautiful reverse sides! For both one-block patterns, you use the reverse of each colorway as the background fabric.

Using both sides of fabric does a lot of the work for you when choosing fabrics.

Secondly, you get the added sparkle of a soft design and hue showing on the background of each block.

Additionally, you can see, the quilt is made of nestled variable star blocks. The smallest and largest stars are made with both sides of the blue fabric. Each larger star is made using the previous star for it’s center. The binding will be the orange of the third star, pulling your eyes from the center star on out to the edges.

These quilts and patterns are featured in the Hoffman California Fabrics Spring Projects Catalog.

Designing VariLovable Star Patterns for Hoffman
VariLovable Star using Hoffman California Fabrics

Most importantly, by using both beautiful sides, your eyes discover the soft patterns and colors of the backgrounds of each star. The difference in value causes you the pause and let your eyes linger while you figure out that the background of each star is actually its reverse! The use of the reverse adds a level of interest to the quilt you couldn’t achieve with an unrelated fabric as the background.

Shop more than 50 quilt patterns that use both beautiful sides!

See another “VariLovable Star” quilt.

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Use Both Beautiful Sides of This New Fabric

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Use both beautiful sides of Hoffman California Fabrics “Floral Rhapsody” with the Dash About pattern!

This classic nestled churn dash quilt is getting a whole new look when you use both beautiful sides of three fabrics from the Floral Rhapsody line!

These Hoffman California Fabrics fabrics are whimsical florals in three brilliant colorways. Floral Rhapsody will add a whole lot of sparkle to your quilts when you use BOTH beautiful sides.

First, a look at the original quilt.

Below you see the original Dash About quilt, a nestled churn dash quilt made with three very different styles of fabrics. The first, innermost churn dash is made from a small traditional blue print. It is a mystery fabric, as I inherited it from my mother-in-law and there was no selvage edge. The middle churn dash block is “Raindrops Poppies” by Anna Maria Horner; the super large block is made from an oversized floral backing fabric by Kaffe Fassett. The results make a stunning quilt. For instance, there is added interest by using both sides of varying motif fabrics. Learn more about the original Dash About quilt.

Image of Quilt showing how I use both beautiful sides

Now, take a look at both sides of these fabulous fabrics from Hoffman California Fabrics!

Image of how to use both beautiful sides of Hoffman Fabrics
Splash, Light Bright, and Summer

Now let’s use both beautiful sides of “Floral Rhapsody”!

Do you see the layers of patterns including vines, feathers, flowers, leaves, swirls and more? Can you can see the faintest hint of movement and color on the reverse side? Using the reverse side for the “background” of your churn dash blocks adds a dimension of interest to your quilt. In other words, your eye will hover over the quilt as your brain determines the subtle surprise of using the reverse.

I just love it when a quilt draws me in for more!

Image of Dash About for Hoffman Quilt Pattern, showing another way to use both beautiful sides
Image of Dash About Pattern Cover

Notice the sparkle of this whimsical line? Quilts sparkle with interest when you use both sides. See this quilt in Hoffman California Fabrics Spring Projects Catalog.

In conclusion, you’ll add a little spark to your quilts when you use both beautiful sides!

Learn more about how to use BOTH beautiful sides of your fabrics.


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VariLovable Star Digital Pattern

Image of Quilt Top

Use digital downloads for quilt patterns and start auditioning BOTH sides of your fabric TODAY!

You probably know that many of my first designs used full-size paper templates. With more and more requests for digital downloads (especially from friends overseas and in Canada), I’ve started adding digital versions of my patterns to my Etsy shop. You can still get the paper versions, even for those patterns sans large templates. Therefore, if you need to avoid high shipping fees, you now have more options available to #usebothsides!

If you are like me, copying and pasting small papers together to make a large template (24 x 36 inches) is not something you crave. That’s why I decided early on to provide full-size paper templates whenever possible. However, paper templates do limit distribution. I also strive to keep the prices as low as possible without losing value.

But, I have to say, it pains me to fill orders for quilters who pay more for shipping than the patterns themselves (sometimes even double). So, digital downloads are a great option. You might choose one if you want to immediately “shop” your fabrics or have deadlines for your quilt projects.

Image of digital downloads quilt patterns
Made with BOTH sides of only THREE fabrics, this bursting variable star quilt goes together fast!

VariLovable Star digital download is available HERE: My Etsy Shop.

Image of VariLovable Star Digital Download Quilt Pattern

As a result, I have five current digital downloads in my Etsy Shop and more on the way. Some in the future may require a small increase in the template size, but not more than you’d see in a magazine. One example of that will be for Aria (the singer).

Read more about one-block #usebothsides quilt patterns HERE.

In conclusion, you have options! You can still purchase the full-color, full-size paper template patterns. Choose digital downloads for immediate “delivery” with the same high-quality you’ve come to expect.

Visit Creative Bee Studios Etsy Shop HERE to see all your quilt pattern options!

One Block Quilts

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Classic quilt blocks can make stunning quilts and be fantastically fun to make!

Each of the four quilts shown are one-block quilts.

Firstly, from the Variable Star block comes the VariLovable Star Quilt Pattern! You can stitch up this girl from four nestled Variable Star blocks. She’s bursting with color! And, you’ll make her using both beautiful sides of only three fabrics! Because the background for each star is made from it’s own REVERSE, the effect makes the quilt sparkle with interest. Your eye will linger on the quilt.

See the VariLovable Star quilt made using Hoffman California Fabrics!

VariLovable Star Quilt Pattern

Image of one block quilt

Saying a quilt is made with one quilt block might sound a bit boring, but it’s so not true.

The outspoken Quilter
Image of Variable Star block made with both sides of fabric.

Ohio Starburst Quilt Pattern

Secondly, you can stitch up the Ohio Starburst Quilt Pattern with the classic Ohio Star block. Again, the three center blocks are nestled. This means the centermost block becomes the center for the next block and so on. You add borders and cornerstone blocks, too. Ohio Starburst is also made from BOTH beautiful sides of three fabrics.

Image of Ohio Star Quilt Pattern made with classic Ohio Star block
“Ohio Starburst”

Dash About Quilt Pattern

Thirdly, meet Dash About. You’ll have a blast piecing this quilt! Start with a small center Churn Dash block. Next, use that block for the center of the next block. Finally, Dash About is made with both beautiful sides!

Dash About quilt made with one churn dash quilt block
Image of Churn Dash Block

Treasures Quilt Pattern

Finally, make Treasures from two versions of one classic block, the Contrary Wife.

See more about TREASURES HERE!

Treasures Quilt Pattern made with classic block

In summary, using BOTH sides of three fabrics with a “solid” background, the use of value and placement provides an interesting secondary pattern in Treasures.

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