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When you only need to choose three beautiful fabrics, deciding on what to use for your next quilt can be fun and easy!

Sometimes choosing and collecting fabrics for a quilt can be a daunting task. It can even take longer than making the quilt itself. Therefore, to make things easier, use BOTH beautiful sides! Make this quilt with only three beautiful fabrics!

Introducing the NEW VariLovable Star, using Hoffman California Fabrics “Floral Rhapsody” line!

Use three beautiful fabrics in this quilt called VariLovable Star!
VariLovable Star before quilting.

These happy fabrics are a part of Hoffman California Fabrics line called Floral Rhapsody!

Three beautiful fabrics!
Floral Rhapsody by
Hoffman California Fabrics

Firstly, I’ve recently shared a new Dash About quilt, also made using this line by Hoffman. You might recognize this line – and their beautiful reverse sides! For both one-block patterns, you use the reverse of each colorway as the background fabric.

Using both sides of fabric does a lot of the work for you when choosing fabrics.

Secondly, you get the added sparkle of a soft design and hue showing on the background of each block.

Additionally, you can see, the quilt is made of nestled variable star blocks. The smallest and largest stars are made with both sides of the blue fabric. Each larger star is made using the previous star for it’s center. The binding will be the orange of the third star, pulling your eyes from the center star on out to the edges.

These quilts and patterns are featured in the Hoffman California Fabrics Spring Projects Catalog.

Designing VariLovable Star Patterns for Hoffman
VariLovable Star using Hoffman California Fabrics

Most importantly, by using both beautiful sides, your eyes discover the soft patterns and colors of the backgrounds of each star. The difference in value causes you the pause and let your eyes linger while you figure out that the background of each star is actually its reverse! The use of the reverse adds a level of interest to the quilt you couldn’t achieve with an unrelated fabric as the background.

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