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Use both beautiful sides of Hoffman California Fabrics “Floral Rhapsody” with the Dash About pattern!

This classic nestled churn dash quilt is getting a whole new look when you use both beautiful sides of three fabrics from the Floral Rhapsody line!

These Hoffman California Fabrics fabrics are whimsical florals in three brilliant colorways. Floral Rhapsody will add a whole lot of sparkle to your quilts when you use BOTH beautiful sides.

First, a look at the original quilt.

Below you see the original Dash About quilt, a nestled churn dash quilt made with three very different styles of fabrics. The first, innermost churn dash is made from a small traditional blue print. It is a mystery fabric, as I inherited it from my mother-in-law and there was no selvage edge. The middle churn dash block is “Raindrops Poppies” by Anna Maria Horner; the super large block is made from an oversized floral backing fabric by Kaffe Fassett. The results make a stunning quilt. For instance, there is added interest by using both sides of varying motif fabrics. Learn more about the original Dash About quilt.

Image of Quilt showing how I use both beautiful sides

Now, take a look at both sides of these fabulous fabrics from Hoffman California Fabrics!

Image of how to use both beautiful sides of Hoffman Fabrics
Splash, Light Bright, and Summer

Now let’s use both beautiful sides of “Floral Rhapsody”!

Do you see the layers of patterns including vines, feathers, flowers, leaves, swirls and more? Can you can see the faintest hint of movement and color on the reverse side? Using the reverse side for the “background” of your churn dash blocks adds a dimension of interest to your quilt. In other words, your eye will hover over the quilt as your brain determines the subtle surprise of using the reverse.

I just love it when a quilt draws me in for more!

Image of Dash About for Hoffman Quilt Pattern, showing another way to use both beautiful sides
Image of Dash About Pattern Cover

Notice the sparkle of this whimsical line? Quilts sparkle with interest when you use both sides. See this quilt in Hoffman California Fabrics Spring Projects Catalog.

In conclusion, you’ll add a little spark to your quilts when you use both beautiful sides!

Learn more about how to use BOTH beautiful sides of your fabrics.


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