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This little vintage machine quilt is singing a new song!

This vintage machine quilt is getting a makeover! Check out this incredible fabric from RJR! It’s a Digiprint called Arcadia “Secret Garden”. It makes a fabulous focus fabric for this vintage machine quilt pattern!

Why Aria?

Aria ahr-ee-uh: expressive music often heard in opera – she’s a singer!

Image of Fabric

If you are familiar with my designs, you know you’ll use BOTH sides of the fabric. Use the front side for the machine and binding. Use the reverse to make the stork scissors, thimble, and pennants.

As you can see above, this vibrant digital fabric has a hand-painted look of bouquets of flowers, three different birds, and a soft shadow design throughout.

Using BOTH sides of a focus fabric provides a subtle difference in value that makes your quilts sparkle (or in this case, “sing”)!

Image of Focus Fabric Pack

It’s a valuable skill.

In the pattern, you learn how to audition both sides of fabrics to choose your focus fabric for your vintage machine quilt. Next, you’ll audition both sides of your focus fabric with your possible background choices. It’s all about value and what catches your eye first. It’s easy to do, once you know how. Additionally, its a skill you can apply to all your future fabric choices!

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In summary, once you’ve learned the nuances of value, you can apply that skill to all your quilt projects.

First, I drew this pattern from my own little machine. Next I drew my favorite “stork” scissors and my late mother-in-law’s thimble. I enjoy using sentimental tools when stitching. As you can see, there’s something special about Aria. This pattern has a piece of my heart in it.

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Below is the original quilt and a “Tula” version, which had to be PINK (also available as a focus fabric kit)!

Image of Vintage Machine Quilts

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Image of Paige in Our Town

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If you like vintage, see both beautiful sides of this focus fabric used to make Merle’s Bouquet! Use an easy modern broderie perse technique to make your bouquet in a vintage watering can.

Are there florals in your stash?

Image of Watering Can Bouquet Quilt
“Merle’s Bouquet”

Pull them out and turn them over! You might be surprised!

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Have a great day and enjoy your quilting journey!

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