Here’s a fun, fast quilt pattern made with only one block and THREE fabrics!

Dash About is made using the Churn Dash block and BOTH beautiful sides of three fabrics!

At first, you might think there are separate background fabrics for each block. But when you take a second look, you notice that the background for each block is made from the REVERSE side of the same fabric!

Using both sides makes choosing fabrics, well, half the trouble!

It’s all about VALUE. Each #usebothsides quilt pattern describes how to audition your fabrics’ value by “removing” the color. Of course, you don’t physically remove the color. But colors can be tricky when it comes to value. And, fabric values change, depending on what fabrics are next to them! Take a look here at The Tricky Traits of Value for more information.

The most important thing to know is that auditioning both sides of fabric is easy and fun. Learning to look at fabric values in this way is a fantastic tool for all quilters when choosing fabrics or designing their own quilts.

Image of Quilt Hanging on Line

I’ve found that auditioning both sides of fabrics is a great conversation starter in quilt shops. Quilters can’t help but ask what you’re doing!


Next, look at the Dash About quilt shown above. It is made using three unrelated fabrics. The centermost, smallest block is made with fabric that has a tiny motif. The floral in the middle block is larger. Of course, the outer Churn Dash sports an incredible large motif that comes in backing fabric widths!

The fabric shown, starting in the center, include a sweet little blue print which belonged to my late mother-in-law, Pat, a darling Anna Marie Horner floral, and a super-big Kaffe Fassett print. (I love adding a touch of her to my designs).

Additionally, see what happens when you make Dash About using a line of fabrics:

Dash About Quilt Pattern
Dash About for Hoffman California Fabrics

When I saw the beautiful reverse sides of this line by Hoffman California Fabrics, I was certain this would be a winner in the Dash About layout! The line is “Floral Rhapsody”. The reverse is lighter but has lots of movement and can definitely stand on its own!

Image of fabric
Floral Rhapsody Splash
Image of fabric reverse
Floral Rhapsody Splash Reverse

Like most quilts, these fabrics are even more fabulous in real life!

When compared with a solid or white on white fabric, the movement and slight changes of color and value of the REVERSE side makes for an interesting background!

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These patterns are identical, except for the fabric listings and photo.

See more quilts designed for Hoffman California Fabrics HERE.

Enjoy your quilting journey!

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