Do your adventures include visiting a quilt shop?

When our daughter landed her first job out of college, we had no idea that her new adventure would become one for us, too. I didn’t expect it to influence the quilt patterns I’d design or what quilt shop my carry them!

Because she’d landed the lead role and we’d never been to South Dakota before, we took a road trip summer to The Black HIlls of South Dakota. Of course, along the way we stopped at quilt shops. That’s how I met the owner of the Quilt Shop in Chamberlain, SD. It was just on our list and close to the highway! See And…dance by the light of the moon, South Dakota Quilts & More and OKLAHOMA Backroads in South Dakota .

OKLAHOMA! at the Black Hills Playhouse

The owner, Sonya, and I brainstormed pattern ideas for her clientele and soon I was designing bison and other wildlife patterns. She carries LOTS of fun fabric with beautiful reverses!

The following summer Jacq landed Sophie in Mamma Mia and off we went again! If you get a chance, stop in Chamberlain, SD – its simply loaded with fabric and has wonderful local art and craft as well.

These are some pics of patterns and fabrics she carries.

Sophie and Donna in Mamma Mia at the Black Hills Playhouse, Custer, SD

We were able to visit Chamberlain again and drop off some new designs!

Here’s a big shout-out to Sonja in Chamberlain…and many thanks!

Step inside the Yellow Door Quilt Store in Nashville, Indiana.

Shop Creative Bee Studios Etsy Shop for more than 50 quilt patterns that use BOTH beautiful sides!

Enjoy your quilting journey!