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Quilt retreat for the Heartland Quilters’ Guild included workshops and classes.

The quilts at this retreat workshop were unique and varied, even though each was made from the same pattern, Grace.

The Heartland Quilters’ Guild has a “Quilt Away” where the members retreat for days of classes, stitching, and fun. I was excited for the invitation to kick off their quilt retreat weekend with the Grace Quilt Class!

Each quilter used the same pattern, but the results were anything but similar!

First, it is tons of fun to watch quilts come to life during a class or workshop! It’s as if each quilt has a personality of it’s own. Ultimately, this is what happens when everyone chooses their own focus fabrics.

Without a doubt, the choice of focus fabric sets the “mood” for the quilt.

Prior to retreat, the quilters received details about what to bring to class, including fabrics. They began learning how to audition both sides of fabric and what to look for. At quilt retreat class, I guided them through the process. Once you know what to look for and how to do it, auditioning both sides of fabric is fun and easy!

Image of quilters at quilt retreat
Class at quilt retreat
Notice that empty wall? Not for long!

In essence, the combination of background fabrics add interest or “sparkle” to the overall quilt design.

While the method is about using the nuances of value, the unique results shown at this retreat are all about the fabrics and the “floral” designers (the quilters)!

Ohhhh, my favorite color…
Image of Quilt
This quilter used both sides of a brilliant panel!
Look at that stunning reverse side!

It seemed we had some actual floral arrangers in class! Man, they were good!

Each bouquet is different!

This class started the quilt retreat with a bang! Look at this line-up of unique Grace quilts!

The line-up!

The Heartland Quilters’ Guild knows how to do quilt retreats!

Whether home or away, enjoy YOUR quilting journey!