OKLAHOMA! Backroads in South Dakota

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Oklahoma Backroads is a great quilt for someone in OKLAHOMA! or South Dakota!

First, like most Bonnie Hunter designs, this one had lots of pieces.

Secondly, I used lots of scraps (as one does in a Bonnie Hunter quilt). I LOVED that many of these scraps were from my late mother-in-law’s stash. One of those fabrics was from matching colonial dresses she had made for Jacquelyn and her and their American Girl dolls, Felicity! See the Felicity tea pot quilt HERE. Additionally, I used fabric and lace on the borders which were used on Jacquelyn’s costume for the role of Laurey. 

Image of Quilt Label
Notice I named Jacq’s quilt using all caps with an exclamation point – as the musical is named –OKLAHOMA!.
Image of OK! Poster
Image of Dancer Spinning
Image of Quilt by Pool
Image of Scene from OKLAHOMA!

As a college graduate with a major in musical theatre, Jacquelyn was excited to land a real job, straight out of school!

When she accepted a three-month run in South Dakota, I was happy to know she was taking her quilt with her. We were all excited that she’d landed the role of Laurey Williams for Black Hills Playhouse! As you might guess, our vacationed to South Dakota for opening night!

Image of Theatre
Image of Theatre Inside

I love that there are meaningful fabrics in the quilt she’s packing for her first time so far from home.

We’ve never been to this area of the country. In addition to seeing the beautiful new landscapes, I gained a quilt shop featuring my patterns! Click here to see The Quilt Shop.

Back to the Oklahoma Backroads quilt…and value.

When I made this quilt, I separated my scraps into lights, mediums, and darks. However, I really hadn’t discovered that the values change, depending upon what values surround them. I would have achieved more defined primary and secondary patterns had I paid attention to that. Discover the nuances of value as you learn to audition BOTH sides of fabrics for my own patterns! Click here. I’ve learned a lot with #usebothsides quilts when it comes to VALUE!

Enjoy YOUR quilting journey!


  1. Nancy Wilson

    Love your quilt and pictures! I took a class with Bonnie Hunter in Florida. Nice lady.

  2. The Bee

    Wow! That’s fantastic! Wish we could get her to come here!