Learn how to use both beautiful sides of fabric. It’s fun and easy!

Image of Quilted Treasure

You’ll learn what to look for when you audition fabrics for your projects.

First, you’ll choose the pattern you want to make.

If the pattern calls for a focus fabric, you’ll begin by auditioning both sides of possible focus fabrics. Once you pick your focus fabric, you’ll audition that focus fabric with scrappy background contenders.

Likewise, if you choose a pieced pattern, you’ll audition each of the fabrics with itself (front and back) AND with the other fabrics you’ve chosen for your quilt. For example, Dash About is made with BOTH sides of only three fabrics. The quilt shown below below on the left is made with three coordinating fabrics from one line for Hoffman California Fabrics. The other Dash About is made with three completely “unrelated” fabrics. The only common denominators of those fabrics are a) I like them and b) the front and reverse have good contrast and both sides are beautiful.

It’s all about value.

Each pattern from Creative Bee Studios comes with detailed instructions. You’ll learn how to audition both sides of fabric for the pattern you choose.

Therefore, you’ll learn about the nuances of value (See The Tricky Traits of Value Blog Post) and what to look for to work with your chosen pattern. For instance, you’ll might need more contrast for a fusible project than you might for an all-pieced quilt.

Moreover, learning more about value is a skill you can apply to all your future quilting projects!

Above all, you’ll have fun learning how to make your quilts sparkle with interest!