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Classic quilt blocks can make stunning quilts and be fantastically fun to make!

Each of the four quilts shown are one-block quilts.

Firstly, from the Variable Star block comes the VariLovable Star Quilt Pattern! You can stitch up this girl from four nestled Variable Star blocks. She’s bursting with color! And, you’ll make her using both beautiful sides of only three fabrics! Because the background for each star is made from it’s own REVERSE, the effect makes the quilt sparkle with interest. Your eye will linger on the quilt.

See the VariLovable Star quilt made using Hoffman California Fabrics!

VariLovable Star Quilt Pattern

Image of one block quilt

Saying a quilt is made with one quilt block might sound a bit boring, but it’s so not true.

The outspoken Quilter
Image of Variable Star block made with both sides of fabric.

Ohio Starburst Quilt Pattern

Secondly, you can stitch up the Ohio Starburst Quilt Pattern with the classic Ohio Star block. Again, the three center blocks are nestled. This means the centermost block becomes the center for the next block and so on. You add borders and cornerstone blocks, too. Ohio Starburst is also made from BOTH beautiful sides of three fabrics.

Image of Ohio Star Quilt Pattern made with classic Ohio Star block
“Ohio Starburst”

Dash About Quilt Pattern

Thirdly, meet Dash About. You’ll have a blast piecing this quilt! Start with a small center Churn Dash block. Next, use that block for the center of the next block. Finally, Dash About is made with both beautiful sides!

Dash About quilt made with one churn dash quilt block
Image of Churn Dash Block

Treasures Quilt Pattern

Finally, make Treasures from two versions of one classic block, the Contrary Wife.

See more about TREASURES HERE!

Treasures Quilt Pattern made with classic block

In summary, using BOTH sides of three fabrics with a “solid” background, the use of value and placement provides an interesting secondary pattern in Treasures.

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