Explore the possibilities that abound when you use both sides of your fabric!

Scroll through these quilt photos to see more than 40 ways to use both beautiful sides. Do you see quilt photos you like? Click on the photos to SHOP the patterns!

See the use of both sides of fabric in each of the above quilt photos.

Look for a lighter version of the front motif of the fabric. Learn more about how to use both sides of fabric in pieced or appliqued quilts. Each pattern comes with detailed instructions for how to audition both sides of fabric (with itself and with other fabrics).

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It’s especially fun to do fusible broderie perse (cutting around the motifs in the fabrics) using BOTH sides. For example, see Grace, Kate’s Bouquet, or the girl who started it all, Phoebee! Quilters have the best time in classes and workshops when they can arrange their own unique and fabulous designs.

Do you want any easy way to choose fabrics for a pieced quilt? Use both sides! Look at Dash About, VariLovable Star, and Ohio Starburst. Each of these patterns are made using both sides of only THREE fabrics!

Treasures is made using both sides of three fabrics on a light background. It’s a one-block quilt – the Contrary Wife block.

Learn more about using both sides of fabric HERE.

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