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Bear paw prints, claw marks and scat!

How does this bear paw experience turn into stitchery? Read on to see the quilt block and punch needle embroidery inspired by our visitor

That is a bear out there.

Have you ever seen a certain quilt or pattern and you think, “No, I’m not going to make that.” Then, all of a sudden, something happens and you’re thinking, “I’ve got to make that quilt.”?

Our neighborhood has suddenly become a flurry of excitement. We don’t live in the country, really. We certainly don’t live in bear country! I didn’t think so, anyway. But after pondering a these odd markings on our cedar play set, we aren’t so sure anymore.

Bear markings?

This takes a bit of bear paw sleuthing.

At first, we thought it was anything but a bear.

But soon the neighbors and I are sharing our experiences and findings daily.

We visit each other’s yards to look at “evidence”. Next, we learned the lingo (scat).

Collecting evidence in the neighborhood.

This was actually a bonding time for some of our neighbors! We got to know each other a little better through the clues left by our new guest.

Calling in the bear paw experts.

Furthermore, we sent photos of the clues to the local experts. While they hesitate to say for certain it’s a black bear, but they did say it’s either a black bear or a large dog. Following that, they said they wouldn’t know why a dog would make these markings.

Game Cam time.

Finally, my husband was convinced enough to commandeer a Game Cam from deer camp. The waiting game began. The markings on our playset are near our crabapple tree so the neighborhood “experts” are waiting for the fruit to ripen and our bear to be caught–well, red-pawed?

More scratches!

Quilt time.

Pertaining to the bear, this brings to my first point, about a quilt block I never intended to make. Bear Paw. Suddenly, this block appeals to me on a very personal level. Plus, it’d be a great barn quilt to mark the area, kinda like our mysterious friend did.

Its a Kevin Bacon thing.

So here is my first partial block. Of course, my bear likes Kaffe!

Image of partial bear paw quilt block
Bear Paw by the Pool

Never to stop at one, I might as well make a little punch needle bear paw.

image of bear paw punch needle
Bear Paw Mini Punch Needle

It’s going to take me a bit longer to make that barn quilt—maybe we should get a picture of the guy to make sure he’s not a giant raccoon or something!

You know it makes sense, really. Creative Bee…quilting bee…bees make honey…in a Kevin Bacon kind of way, we really should have a bear living here!

Image of bear paw quilt block
Bear Paw Quilt Top

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