Quilt Retreat Checklist

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Get your retreat packing on!

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Here’s a quick quilt retreat packing list to make your prep easier and your quilt retreat fun!

Firstly, one must remember the basics.

You need friends, fabric, food, and laughter on the top of your packing list.

Here’s a quilt retreat checklist from a cabin called Lady of the Lake.

Secondly, it’s important to anticipate your particular retreat needs. The accommodations, schedules, and cabin mates can make a big difference in your experience and your packing list! Therefore, I’ve decided to share the list as one example of how we do quilt retreat at Kentucky Dam Village, Lady of the Lake style!

Lady of the Lake Cabin Style Retreat Packing

Mostly, we would have eight lovely ladies in one cabin. We each set up our work station, stitch a lot, eat a lot, share a lot, and laugh a lot. We schedule our meals and each person provides in some way, either meals or supplies.

As the years went on, we learned we didn’t need to prepare to great detail as we did in the earlier years. For example, planning only one large meal a day and allowing the later days in the event to be determined made our packing and planning much easier. Not only did we not have nearly large amount of food to pack, we had less to get rid of at the end of the retreat.

Additionally, less meal planning allowed us to change our plans as the week went on.

Quilt retreat packing list.

Hope you get some use from this list and a little insight to dynamics of the Lady of the Lake gals.

  • Sewing machine with electrical cord, foot pedal, manual, extra light bulb, bobbins, Q-tips for cleaning lint.
  • Seam ripper, scissors, Seam ripper, scissors, rotary cutter and blades, rulers, cutting mat, iron, pressing surface, tables, electrical cords, extension cords, extra lighting, fabric spray, pins, hand-work supplies, guild directory, ¼” guide and 3M removable double-stick for guide on machine.
  • Personal Items: pajamas, preferred drinks, snacks and food for meals not planned, rice bag for sore muscles, massager for neck and shoulders, comfortable clothing, walking shoes, jeans for shopping trips, jacket/sweatshirt, overnight bag/products, Advil, pain relief lotion.
  • Additional: paper, pencil, electrical strips, charger cords, tape, table cloths (for design boards), cleaning wipes, pest strips.
  • Snacks, drinks, paper products, coffee and filters.

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  1. Mary l green

    Wonderful ideas and what a great retreat planned. Absolutely love your blog!