Summer books and quilts are a part of my life. It’s just not summer for me without a good book to read and a good quilt to enjoy.

My all-time favorite summer book is this one:

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

A Reese’s Book Club selection.

Image of Book

When I read this summer book (while snuggled under my quilt), I feel like I’m learning more about nature while being entertained and intrigued with the storyline. I yearn to be outdoors, to breathe in the sounds and smells of nature and to study my surroundings. I’ve read Where the Crawdads Sing numerous times as well as listened to it while on trips.

When I first read it I was at a loss for words for more than 24 hours after finishing it. I hadn’t planned on sharing the quilt shown below yet, but I need to – I guess it’s my feeble attempt to thank Delia Owens for the insight into a habitat I knew nothing about while enjoying a fantastic and enlightening book.

Summer quilts are also a favorite!

This guy was hanging around me at sunrise on Pensacola Beach. He might have been disappointed that I wasn’t a fisherman, but he let me grab some awesome photos. I found the feather focus fabric later that day at A & E (Pharmacy) Fabrics.

Making use of “value”, the light on his face and throat is made using the REVERSE side of the feather fabric. The borders are, too!

Image of Crane on Beach
Image of Quilt of Crane

Lord Stanley got his name for several reasons: 1) He’s a Great Blue, 2) We are big fans of the Blue Angels 3) The Saint Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup (Lord Stanley) that year!

See “Sunrise Quilts”, too!

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