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The Featherweight sewing machine has long been a work horse for quilters.

Additionally, the Singer Featherweight sewing machines have a simplicity in their design that makes them dependable, even 90 years after they were made!

Quilters collect the little machines for display and use. Some owners even name their featherweights and display their birth certificates.

Moreover, the trend with these machines is to get the Singer Featherweight professionally painted in the owner’s favorite color. But you don’t have to own a actual machine to “paint” your own! Just make her with your favorite focus fabric! See Aria below!

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You’re probably quite familiar with my quilt pattern that features a Featherweight Model 221.

Her name is Aria, because she’s a singer (Singer Featherweight)!

Singer Featherweight Quilt

You make the Aria quilt pattern with BOTH beautiful sides of one focus fabric. Use the RIGHT sides of the fabric for the Singer Featherweight machine and binding; use the REVERSE for the pennants, vintage scissors, and thimble!

It’s all about value! Learn more on my YouTube Channel.

It’s all placed on a fun, scrappy background fabrics which include:

  • Mottled teal (for the table)
  • Vintage newsprint
  • Beige “Grunge”
  • Beige geometric batik
  • Contemporary newsprint with doilies, butterflies, and more
  • Off-white on white
  • Miniature floral (reversed)

Likewise, see another version of Aria here.

Introducing…Aria’s Tee Shirt for Quilters!

Furthermore, owners of Singer Featherweight machines are quite proud of their little workhorses. With this in mind, I’ve designed quilters’ tee shirts featuring my Aria artwork!

Choose from ten wonderful tees that feature my Singer Featherweight artwork from the Aria quilt pattern. These Bells + Canvas Jersey T-Shirts are the most popular shirts in the Print on Demand marketplace.

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