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River Heritage

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So…I agreed to head up the Block-of-the-Month program for my local guild this year and I have to say, while the first reveal is yet to come, I’ve had a lot of fun already!  After searching online to find a set of patterns, I decided to create one myself – especially for my guild, River Heritage Quilters’ Guild –  and I want to share it with all of you!

While this quilt will have special meaning for those who live near river life, and especially for those near the mighty Mississippi in southeast Missouri, it can be appreciated by most as a beautiful sampler of blocks in a lovely setting.

River Heritage will feature eight traditionally-pieced blocks and one easy pieced/appliqued block, in a lovely setting which will finish at 66 x 66 inches.

  • Most of the quilt blocks have a common river-life theme and a couple of them have regional and local references.
  • This will be a nice quilt for gifting to a loved one (you’ll see why when we get to that block) or to have as a keepsake, especially if you are a member of River Heritage Quilters’ Guild.  While members of the RHQG will recognize that the names of the blocks have a connection to our guild and the general region of our country, the quilt itself is very appropriate for anyone around the world and would be considered a sampler quilt in a beautiful setting.
  • I suggest hitting your stash for your light, medium, and dark fabrics in three colors. You’ll also need some light neutrals (ranging from white to light beige and gray). The blocks themselves can be scrappy, so you can add to your collection as the mystery and the year unfolds!
  • The setting for this quilt will be striking and yet easy to put together. Instructions and specific fabric requirements for the setting and borders will follow the last block instructions. In general (in case you want to plan ahead), one yard for the dark border and 1 ½ yds. for the three light, medium, and dark setting pieces and binding will be sufficient. (Your nine mystery blocks will be in the light gray squares.) This picture is very similar but not exactly how your setting will look (it is a MYSTERY, after all!).Image of Quilt Setting

Note: Seams are ¼ inch unless otherwise noted. When piecing rows, alternate pressing direction. (For example, I press row one to the right, row two to the left, etc. for easy nesting of seams.)

Block instructions will be posted the second Monday of each month right here on my blog!

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  1. Barb Narsh

    Very Excited!

  2. Cookie

    Are mainly thinking tone on tone fabrics?

  3. Billie

    Hoping this is where I sign up for your Mystery Quilt. I live in Northern British Columbia Canada and our river is the great Nechako.

  4. Debra Callaghan

    Please add me to your mystery quilt challenge Thank you!

  5. Susan Barlow

    I’m interested in joining this mystery quilt. Is there a list of total yardage of fabrics needed?

  6. The Bee

    No, there’s not a complete list of yardage because the nine blocks are scrappy. However, I do give you the setting approximate yardages in the introduction. Glad you can join!

  7. The Bee

    Hey Debra, so glad you are interest in the block of the month mystery. I may be mistaken, but I couldn’t find your email address showing as following the blog. You should be able to do that at the bottom of each post and that will get the posts sent to you automatically. If you are having trouble with that, let me know! Thanks, Karla

  8. The Bee

    Hey Billie, I so happy you want to join in this mystery! I didn’t see your email on my “following” list. You should be able to “subscribe” at the bottom of the posts. If you are having trouble, let me know! Thanks, Karla

  9. The Bee

    Hey Susan, I’m sorry I didn’t answer sooner – I thought I had, but it doesn’t show that now. I don’t give total yardages because the blocks are meant to be scrappy – so you could actually use only a 2 1/2 inch square of one fabric in the entire quilt. I do give general amounts which will cover the setting pieces in the Introduction blog post. I will give exact amounts with the setting instructions. As far as the blocks go, grab from your stash and add to it if you find you are repeating fabrics. There are nine 12 1/2 inch (unfinished) blocks in all.

  10. The Bee

    Hmmmm, not necessarily. For my blocks I am combining a variety of fabrics including batiks, prints, tone-on-tone, grunge dots, and more, paying attention to their value. The nine blocks (eight in a circle and one in the center) will be scrappy with lots of different fabrics in them of the three-color scheme I chose. My setting pieces (light, medium, and dark) are not scrappy and will tie them all together. ie. my coral fabric in the setting is all the same. Hope this helps! K

  11. The Bee

    Thanks for jumping right in, Barb! That was fun to see the first block at our guild meeting!

  12. Cookie

    Thank you!

  13. Madeline Gieselman

    We are down here at the beach anxiously awaiting 9 AM!!!!!

  14. The Bee

    What were you guys doing up so early while on vacation? lol