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Add a Little Joy

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Use both sides of Christmas scraps to add a Little Joy to your gifts!

I think every stitcher has a Christmas stash. You might have leftover fabric from a quilt, stockings, or napkins. Personally, I don’t keep a lot of Christmas stash, just two cubbies (!). However, you don’t need much to add a little joy to your gift decorating.

About a year ago today, I was part of my local quilt shop’s Christmas Open House. See the sample gift bag with Little Joy. Download the free pdf (further below) on gift bags using your Christmas scraps. Consider adding Little Joy to craft paper covered boxes as well.

Image of Little Joy at the quilt shop

This mini pattern mimics the JOY and Joyful quilt patterns which both use the large template of JOY.

You can see that the tree is made with the front side of a Christmas motif and the gifts under the tree are made from the reverse.

Like all my patterns, it requires auditioning BOTH sides of fabric to test their values. You’ll want to see the tree first, then notice the gifts under the branches. In the quilt patterns, you’ll also audition your background fabrics and try to pull a fun variety of fabric styles together to give the quilt an added interest.

Of course, for your gifts, just choose a surface with the contrast you desire. If you choose blue bags and have blue fabric, your design will be subtle. Use white bags for a high contrast.

It’s just a simple and fun way to use up some fabric scraps and get a little playtime in!

Image of Joy
Joy Quilt Pattern
Image of Joyful Quilt Pattern
Joyful Quilt Pattern

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Image of Red Truck Quilt
MERRY Quilt Kit

See the new products on Red Bubble by clicking the button above! Read A Christmas Passed HERE and Christmas (Quilts) in July HERE.

Wishing you JOY and MERRYiment this Christmas season and God’s blessing throughout the New Year!

Find more Christmas quilting fun at Traditional Christmas Colors or NOT for Quilting and Christmas and Quilts and JOY!

Prepping for fall? Check out this Sweet Pumpkin Applique project!

Sweet Pumpkin Applique Pillow

Need a little fall stitching fun? How about a free wool applique pattern?

Take a little burlap, add a little lace…toss it with plaid, a pumpkin, and sunflowers to make yourself this little fall pillow! This free wool applique pattern pdf link is below.

Pic of Free Wool Applique Pattern Pillow
Sweet Pumpkin Applique

This free wool applique pattern is just a little thank you for your support and friendship. Our creative world can get sidetracked by “life” and sometimes we need just a little something to do. (Or I do anyway.) These kind of projects are just little things I like to sneak into a day (when I’m supposed to be working on something…more serious).

Sometimes small is big.

We can’t always be making big things, right? And by “big”, I mean, time consuming! For instance, I have a very small hand stitching project that’s WAY to big to think about sometimes! I find comfort in a “get ‘er done” project from time to time. I hope you do, too!

This little accent pillow takes just a little fabric and wool, and a scrap of lace and burlap. So make a cup of tea, warm up your favorite fall scents and make yourself a little pillow!

Just find a bit of fall fabric. You’ll need a bit of lace and burlap (or use a coordinating fabric from your stash). Use wool scraps or make yours with fused fabric if you’d like. I use simple stitches (imperfect), but you can jazz yours up if you want – here’s one of my favorite stitching artists: Sue Spargo! Check it out!

I created this little pillow a few years ago (before I knew our cat was allergic to wool) but I still get it out each fall. I miss working with wool – and it’s not entirely the cat’s fault! These days, with more than 40 of my own pattern designs to keep up with, I find I cherish these little projects even more. They are a rare treat. I hope you have some special projects that give you a break from the “everyday”…just now and then.

I hope you have a wonderful day today!

Image of O Holy Night Nativity

See O Holy Night Wool Applique for another free wool applique pattern.

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Quilted JOYS of the Twelfth Day

Here’s a little JOY from me to you this Christmas season.

Joy is in the air during this season when families come together, holiday foods are prepared, decorations adorn our homes, special gifts are given to those in need, and everyone is just a little bit nicer to one another. When heaven and nature sing, there is happiness in our world.

One of our holiday favorites is singing Christmas carols. Learn about the tradition of the Twelve Days of Christmas HERE in “Wild Goose Chase Quilt Under the Tree”.

Looking ahead to the Twelfth Day of Christmas (also known as Epiphany, Three Kings Day, Little Christmas), we recognize several things (in my understanding): the coming of the Magi (Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar), representing the first manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles (for all peoples); Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist; and the revelation of God in his Son as human in Jesus Christ.

Since on the Twelfth Day of Christmas we recognize the gifts brought by the Magi, gold (royal standing), frankincense (divine birth), and myrrh (mortality), I thought it appropriate to pass along a little gift of a mini Christmas tree template.

Image of JOY Pattern on Canvas Bag
JOY is fused onto a canvas bag!

Download this FREE pdf pattern by clicking the link above. It’s just a little JOY, a miniature of the larger quilt patterns. You can use it to decorate gift bags or other items using BOTH sides of a scrap of fabric and fusible…and if you have a scanning/cutting machine, you can have all the cutting done for you!

Image of Joy Pattern on Gift Bag
JOY is shown here on a paper gift bag.

You can learn how easy and fun it is to use BOTH beautiful sides of fabric, like with the #usebothsides quilt patterns.

Patterns come with complete detailed instructions, guides for auditioning both sides of fabric, and full-size paper templates.

For a larger Christmas wall hanging, see JOYFUL below!

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Enjoy your quilting journey!

O Holy Night Wool Applique

Take a little time out of the bustle of the season to stitch up a primitive wool nativity scene.

O Holy Night is a simple wool wall hanging. It features Mary, Joseph and the babe in a nativity scene on a starlit night.

O Holy Night, the stars are brightly shining. It is the night of our dear Savior’s birth.

Image of O Holy Night Nativity
O Holy Night

Both of our daughters sang for Christmas Eve church services when they were younger. After the early service, we hosted family for a meal and then we’d all head back to town for the candlelight service. O Holy Night, Mary, Did You Know, and Silent Night (to guitar) are the ones I remember most.

Read about other Christmas family traditions in Wild Goose Chase Quilt Under the Tree.

Click on the download below for the templates and head outside to find the perfect hanging stick!

Image of Nativity Wool Applique

This O Holy Night nativity scene starts with a dark purple wool for the nighttime background. Choose any color for your stable. The gold wool depicts the glow of light, from the star and the presence of the Christ child. While I chose more traditional colors for Mary and Joseph, herringbone or other textured wools would add interest. Chain stitches add details the holy family. Blanket stitches finish the edges. I went outside to find the perfect stick for hanging this wool art.

For more Christmas projects, click HERE.

Image of Diplay at Shop

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy Christmas filled with joy and blessings.

River Heritage Mystery Quilt Reveal

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

River Heritage Mystery Quilt Reveal!

The long awaited mystery quilt reveal for the River Heritage Block of the Month Quilt is here!

image of river heritage reveal
The Mighty Mississippi River at dusk. Photo by Anastasia Gonzales.

The sunset over the Mississippi River is your final clue that the mystery has ended.

First, let’s take the mystery out of this right away. Here is a digital photo of the grand layout of this quilt. As you know, the monthly block patterns have each had a connection to life by the river. Finally, it’s time to take all of those wonderful blocks and set them in this really fun, fast design.

Image of Mystery Quilt Reveal
River Heritage

In addition, Watch for the River Heritage quilt on YouTube! SUBSCRIBE today!

Most importantly, be assured as you look at this mystery quilt reveal, that this quilt goes together quickly and easily! It’s sew much fun.

Firstly, let’s review the blocks you’ve made starting at the center top and moving clockwise.

The nine blocks.

  • Eagle’s Nest
  • Hovering Hawks
  • Lighted Bridge
  • Tree Line
  • Railroad Crossing
  • Trail of Tears
  • Port and Starboard
  • Flock of Geese
  • The center-most block is Paddle Wheel
Image of Mystery Quilt Reveal River Heritage

Click here for printer-friendly River Heritage Setting Instructions: River Heritage Setting Instructions

Image of Eagle's Nest Block
Eagle’s Nest/North
Image of Rail Road Crossing Block
Railroad Crossing/South
Image of Port and Starboard/West
Port and Starboard/West
Image of Lighted Bridge Block
Lighted Bridge/East

In addition to getting the full pdf instructions, browse through these images of the mystery quilt reveal. You’ll see how simply and easily this quilt goes together.

Image of Flock of Geese block
Flock of Geese/Northwest
Image of Hovering Hawks block
Hovering Hawks/Northeast         
Image of Trail of Tears block
Trail of Tears/Southwest
Image of Tree Line Block
Tree Line/Southeast

Image of Back of Quilt
Prairie Point Hanging Method

Furthermore, the Prairie Point Hanging Method is included in the quilt finishing instrucitons.

Obviously, I used the Prairie Point Hanging Method for this wall hanging. It’s the best kept secret and a mystery quilt reveal of its own! However, instructions for this wonderful hanging method are included in all 50+ of my Creative Bee Studios patterns!

River Heritage Takes a Ribbon!

Image of Quilt with Ribbon
River Heritage takes Third Place at the show!

In conclusion, I hope you’ve enjoyed making River Heritage! I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful ribbon on my quilt this weekend at our local quilt show!

Of course, I’d love to see your finished quilt! Please share your quilt pictures on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag: #riverheritage in your post!

Last but not least, most of the blocks in this quilt are classics, found in many books and other sources. I created Paddle Wheel, Tree Line, and Lighted Bridge are blocks to fit our theme and the setting. Moreover, the setting is adapted from the book, Circle of Nine by Janet Houts & Jean Ann Wright. I love this book and recommend it (available on Amazon)!

This has truly been an adventure! From coming up with a theme, choosing and creating blocks, traveling to get photos and learning about my river heritage, it’s been quite a journey.


Finally, thank you all for joining me on this journey. I hope you love your River Heritage!

First Mystery Quilt Block Reveal

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

The Paddle Wheel block is your first fun project for The River Heritage Mystery Quilt!

An iconic symbolism itself, the Paddle Wheel block is a fun way to start a quilt depicting life along the river.

Image of River for Paddle Wheel Block
Month One – Paddle Wheel Block

pad*dle wheel /‘padl ,(h)wēl/ a large steam-driven wheel with boards around its circumference, situated at the stern or side of a ship so as to propel the ship through the water by its rotation.

Month One – Paddle Wheel Block

The quilt block is made with dark, medium, and light fabrics. I’ve decided to make this sample quilt as scrappy as possible. However, for this block, I choose to keep consistency in the actual wheel design. Moreover, this particular block has a very central placement in this overall design. Therefore, a bold Paddle Wheel statement will work nicely. Future blocks will accommodate a more scrappy look.

In addition, this is a very balanced block, although not necessary symmetrical, depending on the contrasts in your light and medium valued fabrics.

Image of Paddle Wheel Block
Paddle Wheel – Month One
River Heritage

The Units

Overall, this design is made using half-square triangle units and four-patch units, along with a center square. It is an easy block to make. Oftentimes, it is confused with a similar design called the water wheel.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the fabrics of your paddle wheel have a stark contrast by using a dark value. To learn more about value, click HERE.

Month One Paddle Wheel Block Printer Friendly Version

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Have fun making your Paddle Wheel block! In addition, each month of this mystery will be presented to you with photos, adventures, and more about life along the river. Firstly, above is a photo of a very frozen Mississippi River.

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FREE Block-of-the-Month Mystery

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Here is the introduction to the FREE Mystery Quilt Patterns for Block-of-the-Month.

First, this is a collection of blocks for free mystery quilt patterns which are originally revealed monthly for my quilt guild. Anyone can start and finish this quilt any time!

River Photo for Free Mystery Quilt Patterns

When I agreed to head up the Block-of-the-Month program for my local guild, I decided to make the quilt a collection of free mystery quilt patterns. I have to say, while the first reveal is yet to come, I’ve had a lot of fun already!  

After an exhausting online search a set of patterns, I decided to create one myself. Since my guild is called River Heritage Quilters’ Guild, I thought a quilt depicting river life would be appropriate.

Here is an over-view of what to expect.

While this quilt will have special meaning for those who live near river life, and especially for those near the mighty Mississippi in southeast Missouri, it can be appreciated by most as a beautiful sampler of blocks in a lovely setting.

River Heritage free mystery quilt patterns will feature nine traditionally-pieced blocks in a lovely setting which will finish at 66 x 66 inches.

  • Most of the quilt blocks have a common river-life theme and a couple of them have regional and local references.
  • This will be a nice quilt for gifting to a loved one (you’ll see why when we get to that block) or to have as a keepsake, especially if you are a member of River Heritage Quilters’ Guild.  While members of the RHQG will recognize that the names of the blocks have a connection to our guild and the general region of our country, the quilt itself is very appropriate for anyone around the world and would be considered a sampler quilt in a beautiful setting.
  • I suggest hitting your stash for your light, medium, and dark fabrics in three colors. You’ll also need some light neutrals (ranging from white to light beige and gray). The blocks themselves can be scrappy, so you can add to your collection as the mystery and the year unfolds!
  • The setting for this quilt will be striking and yet easy to put together. Instructions and specific fabric requirements for the setting and borders will follow the last block instructions. In general (in case you want to plan ahead), one yard for the dark border and 1 ½ yds. for the three light, medium, and dark setting pieces and binding will be sufficient. (Your nine mystery blocks will be in the light gray squares.) This picture is very similar but not exactly how your setting will look (it is a MYSTERY, after all!).Image of Quilt Setting

Block instructions are published individually for nine months. There is a final reveal post, as well (River Heritage Mystery Quilt Reveal).

Note: Seams are ¼ inch unless otherwise noted. When piecing rows, alternate pressing direction. (For example, I press row one to the right, row two to the left, etc. for easy nesting of seams.)

Fabric selections, blocks, and quilts are shared using the hashtags, #mysteryquilt and #riverheritage on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

Therefore, this is a spoiler alert for those who wish this to remain “free mystery quilt patterns”!

Check out some  Fabulous Quilting Tools here!

Introduction; Printer Friendly Version

River Heritage Month One

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Enjoy your quilting journey!

Do ya wanna build a snowman?

Make a snowman today!

Come on, let’s go and play! You can build a snowman today with Mr. Snowman Punch Needle!

Put down your lists and have-tos.

Make a snowman yours today!

First of all, no shovel is needed for this little guy – and very few supplies!

Just grab one tiny 3-inch canvas, your punching supplies and some yummy threads to make yourself a little, friendly snowman.

Get details and the Mr. Snowman Punch Needle PDF download HERE.

Mr. Snowman Punch Needle
Mr. Snowman Punch Needle

Also, you’ll find a link for a How-To tutorial!

In addition to this little guy working up super-fast, he adds some needlework texture to your winter decor! (See Textures of Christmastime) My guy likes to sit in front of my “Winter Blessings” quilt (pattern by Shabby Fabrics) hanging in my dining room but he’d be darling on a window sill!

Alternatively, you can draw your favorite snowman. What’s great about punch needle is the simpler, the better. So think back to how you would draw a snowman as a kid-then punch away!

Winter Blessings Quilt Pattern by Shabby Fabrics
Winter Blessings Quilt
Pattern by Shabby Fabrics
Do ya wanna build a snowman?

A side note.

A few years ago, my girls dressed as Anna and Elsa and sang for the Salvation Army ringer outside our mall. It was cold, but they had a great time, surprised lots of little ones by being there, and brought in a few more dollars for the Salvation Army.

Do ya wanna build a snowman?

It also made for a great Christmas card that year!

Do ya wanna build a snowman?

Remember to be prepared for the winter days ahead and check your emergency supplies, like water, batteries, thread, treadle machine oil (in case you lose electricity), and chocolate!

Most of all, enjoy your quilting journey!

Image of Quilt
Noelle is made with BOTH beautiful sides of one Christmas floral!

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Sweet Pumpkin Applique

Sweet pumpkin is in the air!

Autumn brings the best of pumpkin to our senses. You might have already enjoyed your favorite seasonal coffees. Maybe you’ve lit some sweet-scented candles. Are you anticipating that first bite of sweet pumpkin pie?

It’s true, this time of year, pumpkin touches almost all our senses. Now you can add the cozy touch of wool and the unique look of the combination of plaid, lace, and burlap to make your fall seasonal experience complete!

Here is the Sweet Pumpkin Applique pillow.

Sweet Pumpkin
Sweet Pumpkin Applique

First, download the free template here.

Use the template for your own pumpkin project or make the pillow as shown.

Sweet Pumpkin Applique

Accent Pillow Size: 12 x 17 inches

First, trace the template designs onto the paper side of fusible. Cut loosely around each. Press onto back of wool. Cut on lines.

Next, baste one 12-inch piece of 2 1/2-inch lace onto the left edge of 6 1/2 x 12-inch burlap. Pin, right sides together, one 11 x 12 inch plaid fabric and burlap together; stitch.

Then place applique pieces from back to front in order as listed and numbered: Pumpkin, Stem, Leaf, Small Sunflower Center (slip petal ends beneath center), Large Sunflower Center (slip petal ends 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 beneath center; add petals 10 and 11 on top). Press to fuse pieces in place.

Hand stitch the wool applique using the blanket stitch and/or running stitch. I suggest these Valdani threads, size 8: Pumpkin: Easter; Stem: PT4; Leaf: P11 Aged Black; Sunflowers: P5.

Sweet Pumpkin Closeup

When handwork is complete, align and pin 12 x 17-inch backing with top, right sides together. Mark a 4-inch area for turning on fabric end of pillow. Machine stitch. Trim corners and turn. Use fingers to gently push out corners in burlap. Fill with small tuffs of polyester fill. Turn ends of opening inward and stitch.

Lastly, add a decorative blanket stitch (optional) across the end with a thick thread to make a nice edge.

 Looking ahead to Christmas cheer, here’s JOYFUL, made with BOTH beautiful sides of fabric!

Image of MERRY
MERRY Quilt Pattern

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