River Heritage Mystery Quilt Reveal

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River Heritage Mystery Quilt Reveal!

The long awaited mystery quilt reveal for the River Heritage Block of the Month Quilt is here!

image of river heritage reveal
The Mighty Mississippi River at dusk. Photo by Anastasia Gonzales.

The sunset over the Mississippi River is your final clue that the mystery has ended.

First, let’s take the mystery out of this right away. Here is a digital photo of the grand layout of this quilt. As you know, the monthly block patterns have each had a connection to life by the river. Finally, it’s time to take all of those wonderful blocks and set them in this really fun, fast design.

Image of Mystery Quilt Reveal
River Heritage

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Most importantly, be assured as you look at this mystery quilt reveal, that this quilt goes together quickly and easily! It’s sew much fun.

Firstly, let’s review the blocks you’ve made starting at the center top and moving clockwise.

The nine blocks.

  • Eagle’s Nest
  • Hovering Hawks
  • Lighted Bridge
  • Tree Line
  • Railroad Crossing
  • Trail of Tears
  • Port and Starboard
  • Flock of Geese
  • The center-most block is Paddle Wheel
Image of Mystery Quilt Reveal River Heritage

Click here for printer-friendly River Heritage Setting Instructions: River Heritage Setting Instructions

Image of Eagle's Nest Block
Eagle’s Nest/North
Image of Rail Road Crossing Block
Railroad Crossing/South
Image of Port and Starboard/West
Port and Starboard/West
Image of Lighted Bridge Block
Lighted Bridge/East

In addition to getting the full pdf instructions, browse through these images of the mystery quilt reveal. You’ll see how simply and easily this quilt goes together.

Image of Flock of Geese block
Flock of Geese/Northwest
Image of Hovering Hawks block
Hovering Hawks/Northeast         
Image of Trail of Tears block
Trail of Tears/Southwest
Image of Tree Line Block
Tree Line/Southeast

Image of Back of Quilt
Prairie Point Hanging Method

Furthermore, the Prairie Point Hanging Method is included in the quilt finishing instrucitons.

Obviously, I used the Prairie Point Hanging Method for this wall hanging. It’s the best kept secret and a mystery quilt reveal of its own! However, instructions for this wonderful hanging method are included in all 50+ of my Creative Bee Studios patterns!

River Heritage Takes a Ribbon!

Image of Quilt with Ribbon
River Heritage takes Third Place at the show!

In conclusion, I hope you’ve enjoyed making River Heritage! I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful ribbon on my quilt this weekend at our local quilt show!

Of course, I’d love to see your finished quilt! Please share your quilt pictures on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag: #riverheritage in your post!

Last but not least, most of the blocks in this quilt are classics, found in many books and other sources. I created Paddle Wheel, Tree Line, and Lighted Bridge are blocks to fit our theme and the setting. Moreover, the setting is adapted from the book, Circle of Nine by Janet Houts & Jean Ann Wright. I love this book and recommend it (available on Amazon)!

This has truly been an adventure! From coming up with a theme, choosing and creating blocks, traveling to get photos and learning about my river heritage, it’s been quite a journey.


Finally, thank you all for joining me on this journey. I hope you love your River Heritage!


  1. Barb Egbert

    I love your medallion, on-point setting!

  2. The Bee

    Thanks so much, Barb!