Friendship, Laughter & Quilts–Oh My!

Once a year we head out of town to a quilting cabin in the woods.

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

Okay, so it’s not really a quilting cabin. It’s a deer camp for the hunters in the family all year round. But for one week, we try our best to “chick” up the place!

Step one, clean it up.

Image of Cabin
After cleaning, but before the invasion!

We spend a bit of  time when we arrive to vacuum, mop, disinfect surfaces, wash bedding, and do mouse and spider prevention– because it really is a cabin in the woods!

Step two, bring it all in!

First, we’ve set up the table. Followed by the tables, machines, fabric, thread, needles and pins, design walls, quilt blocks, music, movies, lights, food, food, more food. Lastly, and best of all, friends!

Image of Sewing Machine
Featherweight is set up and stitching on night one.

In this quilting cabin, we sew among various trophies on the walls and hanging above us from the ceiling.

Get ready to work!

Read on to share in our adventures which included a low-flying plane, a Polaris ride through the property (with a fortunate ending), limited cell service, a ringed-moon, hooting owl, quilt reveals, sunrises, demos, sunsets, more quilts, a little (wink) Mamma Mia, and a lot of laughter.

Image of demonstration at quilting cabin
Linda gives a demo for making clothesline bowls.
Image of Quilters at the Design Wall.
Design work.

One day, we stood in the field at the top of the hill and made an impromtu target for a money/food/water drop with this water bottle as the target. It felt like a scene from Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

Image of Feet in a Circle

We did get a flyover!

Image of Plane

Mules rides!

A few days later, got us a ride through the property, complete with thorns and briars and overgrown brush. So, it was a Polaris, not a mule, but that doesn’t sound as exciting.

Image of BrushWe were truly blazing trails!  This was our view from riding across the the dam.Image of Pond

It was all fun and games until  we broke down! Fortunately, the abrupt stop didn’t happen in the middle of nowhere OR in the middle of the briar patch.  A brief, downhill walk back to the truck was welcome! We stayed close to the quilting cabin after that.

Image of Hanging Quilts at quilting cabin
Completed tops hang from the banister.

Learn more about the Floating Flower Garden quilt! It’s made with BOTH beautiful sides of fabric.

Sunrise at the Quilting Cabin

One morning, about 4:30, Linda and I met in the kitchen and since we were both wide awake, we decided it was time to take the coffee to the porch. The moon had a beautiful red ring around it. We rocked, talked, drank coffee, watched the stars turn into a sunrise, and heard an owl in the tree.

Quilting Cabin, Mamma Mia Style!

How does Mamma Mia fit in? Well, one annoying quilter (there’s always one) couldn’t get “Waterloo” out of her head. Knowing only that word of the song, that’s all she would sing…over and over until they finally turned on the movie and then NO one could get that or any of the other songs out of their heads.  Let’s see…”Dancing Queen”,  “Waterloo”, “Super Trouper” “Honey, Honey”, “Momma Mia”, “Money, Money, Money”, and “Our Last Summer”

Yes, friends, you are all welcome – you’ll be singing those songs the rest of the day!

That one Annoying Quilter

Yes, friends, you are all quite welcome for the reminder (blowing kiss).

We had a wonderful week. I regret we didn’t take more pictures, because, believe it or not, some quilters, quilts, and activities didn’t get photographed!

Image of Bear Quilt
Peggy’s Bear Quilt
Image of Beth's Quilt on Design Wall
Beth’s quilt on the design wall.
Image of Sunset
Sunset at the old barn site.
Image of Shelter
The new shelter at the site of the old red barn.
Image of Quilters by Window
Merle and Nancy trying to get cell bars while Mary is hard at work.
Image of Ladies on Porch
Coffee on the porch.
Image of Quilters

Retreats are about more than just getting away.

Image of Quilters Working
This is what happens when you play hooky from quilt class!

Naturally, there is something wonderful about being around old friends, making new friends, and having limited responsibilities. You can do whatever you feel like doing. You laughing and share.

These are all things that you can’t do at home, stitching alone.

In conclusion, when you’ve left the quilting cabin and you head back to civilization, let me leave you with this song…

Back to life…back to reality” (another song for you…by Soul II Soul, 1989) You’re welcome, friends!

For more retreat fun, plus a yummy recipe, read One Sweet Retreat.

See more than 50 quilt patterns that use both beautiful sides of fabric HERE!

Enjoy your quilting journey!


  1. Peggy Thomas

    This week was amazing with so much laughter, cameraderie, creativity, tips and everyone sharing tools, food and family news. So much thanks to Karla, family and Nancy for all of their work and prep. This retreat embodies what a sisterhood of quilters is all about. I LOVED being a part of it. Thanks!

  2. Nancy Pleimann

    It looks like you guys had a great time. Fun to be with quilters.

  3. Anne

    Wish I could have stayed longer, seems to be a trend for me!😩😢

  4. Pat Smith

    Can’t begin to tell you how much I hated to miss it.