A tree block is in store for the final piece in the River Heritage Block-of-the-Month Mystery Quilt.

Called Tree Line, this tree block features three trees of varying heights, making a diagonal line. Similar to a tree line along the river, these guys will take a side roll in your finished quilt.

Image of Tree Line on river
Month Nine Tree Line

The River Heritage Mystery Quilt Block Review

First, we began with the Paddlewheel block, made from a traditional block with mostly a dark paddlewheel on a light background. Next, came the Railroad Crossing and Flock of Geese blocks. These, too, are both classic blocks which fit our river theme beautifully. After that came Lighted Bridge. I designed this block based on the Bill Emerson Bridge stands over the mighty Mississippi, connecting Cape Girardeau, Missouri to East Cape, Illinois.

My favorite adventure in designing River Heritage was taking the ferry ride across the Mighty Mississippi. See the photos in Port and Starboard block post.

Karla Kiefner

More River Heritage Quilt Blocks

In addition to learning about the next block, Trail of Tears, I also learned much about the history of the trail in our local museum at the Trail of Tears Park. Another classic block followed called Port and Starboard. Getting photos for this block involved a ferry ride across the river!

Eagle’s Nest was another fun block to plan because we hiked up to a look-out for those photographs. This block will land high on your quilt! Your last block was Hovering Hawks. For this block I learned that hawks generally don’t hover – at least not in groups!

Month Nine Tree Line Block

The Tree Line block was designed with it’s placement in the overall quilt in mind. With the shortest tree to the left and the tallest on the right, a diagonal line is formed.

This block is made with six flying geese units to make the three trees.

You’ll start by making the trunks for each tree and then add the tree tops and sky to make three columns. Use your own color scheme – your trees don’t have to be green and sky doesn’t have to be blue! Remember to check your values by taking a black and white picture of your fabric choices.

Tree Line Quilt Block PDF

Image of Tree Quilt Block

Click here: River Heritage Month 9 Tree Line for a printer-friendly version!

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Finally, the River Heritage Setting Reveal is HERE!

Enjoy YOUR quilting journey!