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I first fell in love with light-weight fusible web when I used it with the Leaves Galore rulers.

Water Colours was made with Misty Fuse, a nearly weightless fusible web.

Image of Quilt with fusible web
Water Colours

Misty Fuse is a paperless fusible web.

First, Misty Fuse is paperless. Like a thin spiderweb of glue, it is nearly weightless. It is so soft, your machine won’t even know it is there! Neither will the loved ones who snuggle in your quilt.

However, because there is no paper on this fusible, I feared it couldn’t be used for tracing templates. I do a lots of fusible applique which require tracing templates. In fact, about half of the more than 50 quilt patterns I’ve designed use templates.

Soft Fuse is my favorite paper-backed product.

Soft Fuse is a paper-backed fusible web that is also very lightweight. Although any lightweight fusible will work, I recommend Soft Fuse in my classes and workshops. Even with large applique, your quilt feels softs to the touch. In addition, with a light pressing, it is possible to remove and re-position your applique if needed.

Transferring Designs with Mistyfuse Fusible Web

If you’re in a pinch and caught without your trusty paper-backed product, here’s what you can do!

  • First, draw or trace your design with lead pencil on to parchment paper. You need to make your tracing dark. I use a #2 lead pencil.
  • Then cut a piece of Mistyfuse large enough to cover your design.
  • Using a protective sheet (I used a Goddess Sheet), press the Mistyfuse to the wrong side of your fabric. The Goddess Sheet gives the Mistyfuse a sheen so you can see where it is on your fabric.
  • After the fabric cools, place it with the fusible side up on a hard surface. Cover it with your, design side down, on your fabric and trace the design with a hard pointed object like a stylist tool.
  • Cut your design on the lines.
Image of Bee Tracing for Fusible Web
Image of pressing sheet for fusible web
Mistyfuse on Fabric

Tips for use paperless fusible web.

Remember to trace onto the REVERSE side of your fabric (unless you are using BOTH beautiful sides).

The lead markings transfer much easier onto the Mistyfuse than they do directly onto fabric.  The finer your pencil, the finer your lines. A finer lead will give you a more precise drawing.

This is a great fusible alternative for tracing a template!!Image of Fabric Bee

Enjoy YOUR quilting journey!