Patriotic Decorating with Quilts

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Patriotic quilts are often on display in my home.

Beyond patriotic quilts, quilted delights of all genre are the general focus in any room in our house. Rarely does someone ask, “Are you a quilter?” when they walk into our home.

Suprisingly, I only realize that this might not be the norm when I see my house through a non-quilter’s eyes.

Granted, there is sometimes the fleeting thought, “Do I have a problem?”  Surprisingly, “Bloop!” -that thought’s gone! Without a doubt, this is why I surround myself with fellow quilters. Summarily, if I have a problem, they do, too!

Back to patriotic quilts.

Perhaps you are aware from previous posts that I lost my dad. He was a World War II veteran.

I and my sisters hosted a memorial open house in his honor. I had the task of decorating the church hall.

Accordingly, patriotic décor was an easy choice. Patriotic quilts were assumed. I asked my friend, Nancy, to bring a few of her quilts. Between the two of us, we were able to decorate an entire fellowship hall with mostly quilted pieces.

Who knew we had that many patriotic quilts?

It sure made easy work out of decorating for a challenging day.

Without a doubt, honoring my dad was the best part about using the patriotic quilts.

Here are just a few pics:

Image of Quilt of Valor
Dad’s Quilt of Valor on display.

Moreover, the quilting friends who helped make and present food and drink for the day are treasures. You can’t beat quilter friends!

Image of Patriotic Quilt and Crosses
Nancy’s quilt with the Wall of Crosses.
Image of Flag Quilt
Image of Three Quilts on Tables
Image of Quilt and Lantern

From full-size, table toppers, table runners and centerpieces, we had a variety of quilts to work with. They made the task easy with a few decorations on hand.

Therefore, I’m so grateful that Nancy shared her quilts!

Finally, A neighbor once asked me where I intend to hang all of my pattern quilts in my house.  Well, with now more than 50 patterns that use BOTH beautiful sides, I would definitely need another house!

(By the way, I only had 16 quilt patterns when she’d asked!)

Liberty Quilt Pattern

This lighthouse quilt is made with both sides of one patriotic stripe by Kaffe Fassett. The background is made from a wide variety of fabrics, including numerous patriotic designs.

See more than 50 quilt patterns in my SHOP that use BOTH beautiful sides of fabric!

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  1. Carol Gallaher

    Every room has a quilt in my house & I switch them with the seasons.

  2. Jewel Eggley

    Thx for shariing these pics, love seeing them. Hey, I have 4 single quilt hangings and a floor rack and a wall rack with multiple quilts. Getting ready to paint family room downstairs and add another wall rack. No apology!

  3. The Bee

    I like that! No apologies! 🙂