Seven Ways to Use Both Sides of Fabric

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Get inspired to use both sides of fabric!

First, get a glance at seven (of now more than 50) quilt patterns made with both beautiful sides of fabric, right here, right now! Fun announcements included below!

The girl who started it all…Phoebee.

Learn how Phoebee inspired the start of using both sides of fabric HERE.

Firstly, Phoebee’s focus fabric has a lot to say! However, it doesn’t completely define this quilt! Look at that eclectic group of background fabrics! It’s all about value. I love how Phoebee gets her life and vibrancy from the very flowers (REVERSE) she’s pollinating.

Belle and Lilly join the party.

Image of Butterfly Quilt
Image of dragonfly quilt made with both sides of fabric

Soon after Phoebee was born, Belle and Lilly came to life. In the same fashion as Phoebee, these two gals were made with both sides of floral fabrics. Their contrasting genre of fabric give them each a unique style.

Additionally, I taught numerous classes of this Colorful Wings collection.

Image of Three Quilts on Fence
Phoebee, Belle & Lily

Value is key when you use both sides of fabric.

Read Mysterious Values.

Rose was the first pattern in the Colorful Petals series.

image of both sides of fabric for Rose

Interestingly, I found Rose’s focus fabric in Branson, Missouri, as I raced through the shop. I quickly pulled out bolts to look at the reverse sides of fabric, while my husband waited in the car. This fabric by Red Rooster was an instant winner! Notice the secondary scroll design that shows on the vase? It’s gorgeous on the REVERSE.

Both sides of floral fabric for more bouquets.

Image of Three Quilts
Colorful Petals Quilt Patterns

Creative Bee Studios Etsy Shop

Launched, Fall 2017

More fun with both sides of Sally fabric!

Eventually, I began shipping patterns all over the United States and to Canada!

Creative Bee Studios use both sides of fabric quilt patterns have been featured in AQ Magazine, Hancock’s of Paducah, Connecting Threads, Nancy’s Notions, and quilt shops across America!

Learn more

In conclusion with this overview of the past year, thank you all for your support.

Enjoy your quilting journey!

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