Hang Quilts Using Prairie Points

Use pretty prairie points and just a couple of hand-stitches to hang your quilts.

The Prairie Point Hanging Method is as easy as 1, 2, 3…4 stitches!

1. Fold and press fabric squares diagonally, twice, just like you would when making prairie points.

2. Pin the raw edge of the prairie points (triangles) at the top edge of the back of your quilt, spaced evenly.

3. Baste across the top of the quilt by machine and make four stitches by hand (with doubled thread) on the points of each triangle, making sure you only stitch through the backing and batting.


It’s EASY, FAST, and PRETTY! Click here to see this quilt.

Image of back of quilt with prairie points.

Prairie Points Hanging Method

Adjust the size and number of your squares based on the width of your quilt. For example:

My mini wall hanging uses four small, 4-inch squares. See this quilt in A Love Note from Johnny to June

Image of back of miniature quilt.

Miniature quilt hung with prairie points.

Four 7-inch squares make prairie points for a 24-inch wide hanging.

Four 16-inch squares work well for a 48-inch quilt and easily accommodates the largest requirements for our quilt show standards. Simply add more of the same size prairie points for a bed-size quilt.

Image of 48-inch quilt with prairie points.

Bella Piastrella with Prairie Points Hanging Method


TIP: For small wall hangings, use an even number of prairie points and you can hang your quilt from a single nail or hook instead of leveling it between two points.

How do you hang your quilts?  Share in the comment box below. 

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  1. Merle

    Great info. I’ll try it out.

  2. Donna

    This is such a pretty and easy way to add a sleeve! Thanks!

  3. The Bee

    Thanks, Donna!

  4. The Bee

    Let me know how you like this method, Merle. I’m finding I like it more and more, every time I use it.

  5. Betty Meyer

    I love this idea! I’m going to use these prairie points on the Fall Village quilt you are quilting for me, Karla. Wonderful way to display it! Thanks for sharing.

  6. The Bee

    🙂 Can’t wait to get started on that quilt and see the new one you are teaching, Betty!

  7. Georgia

    How do you fit a rod through the center of the folded Prairie Points? Or are the points tacked down and the rod goes behind the triangle PPs? Or do you tack each PP to the wall? This seems harder that just using a tube of fabric sewn into the binding!

  8. The Bee

    Hi Georgia! You only tack the points of the prairie points with doubled thread. Four or five stitches should hold it – just be sure not to go through to the front side of your quilt with your stitch. Then your rod just slips in between your prairie points and the quilt back. Hope this helps!