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Here is Sally, the seahorse quilt.

This seahorse quilt is extra special because she’s made with BOTH beautiful sides of fabric!

Why is Sally the seahorse quilt special?

Fabrics for this seahorse quilt are easy to choose!

Firstly, Sally is made with both beautiful sides of fabric! This makes noticeable contrast in value which adds interest to your quilt! Notice here that the seahorse and binding are made with the RIGHT side of one focus fabric. The “seashell coral” and floating bubbles are made with the REVERSE.

Discover the nuances of value as you learn to audition BOTH sides of fabric! The pattern teaches you how. Learn more about How To Audition Both Sides here.

The Templates and Broderie Perse

Secondly, your make the seahorse for this quilt from all one piece of fabric. She’s cut from a large, full-size paper template. The seashell coral are cut from the fabric motif. There are several template drawings in case your focus fabric doesn’t have sea shells. Finally, Sally needs lots of bubbles. They are easy to cut by hand. Even better, use a cutting machine, like a Cricut or Accuquilt to make your circles!

The Background Fabrics for the Seahorse Quilt

Of course, your focus fabric is the focal point of this quilt. However, the background behind this seahorse quilt, which includes a wide variety of fabrics, is also important. Find ombre, beach words, batiks, white on white, blue sea shells, batik bubbles and more! Ultimately, it’s the variety of fabrics behind Sally that really make this quilt sparkle with interest!

Kaffe Fassett Collective Fabrics

Finally, there’s something magical about using both beautiful sides of Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics. They are especially fun for the coastal quilt patterns, like Sally, and floral bouquet quilts.

Sally the seahorse quilt is shown here made with Philip Jacob’s Seashell Bouquet fabric on a scrappy background.

Image of Seahorse Quilt

Image of sea turtle quilt
Learn about the Sandy quilt pattern.

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