Phoebee Goes to Market!

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This is the story of how Phoebee for Hoffman began.

Phoebee, designed for Hoffman California Fabrics, was my first experience designing a pattern for a fabric company. I’d wondered for a few years what it would be like to collaborate with a fabric company. I never dreamed it would be this fun!

Starting on August 3, at 3:47 p.m., I opened two packages of 21 fabrics  from Hoffman California Fabrics company. 

Image of fabric to make Phoebee for Hoffman
Fabrics from Hoffman California Fabrics.

First and foremost, for the next six hours, I auditioned “Phoebee for Hoffman” fabrics trying to get just the right mix of color, contrast, values, and feel that would be worthy of this new line by Hoffman California Fabrics.

Well, Electric Garden rocks! Vibrant color with a soft, contrasting reverse side was just the recipe I needed. I flipped several backgrounds to their reverse as well, so they wouldn’t compete with the bee or flowers. The next step was cutting out Phoebee and her flowers.

Image of Quilt on Clothesline
Image of Phoebee Quilt
Image of Phoebee for Hoffman

I slept on this mix so I could get a fresh look the next morning. Yes!

Immediately, I began fusing and quilting (on my Handiquilter Avante) right away. Next came the prairie point hanging method, binding, label, photos, writing and producing the pattern, and Phoebee was flying to California on Tuesday, August 7th!

Image of Quilt in Frame
Image of Back of Quilt

My new friend in California let me know Phoebee for Hoffman arrived safely!

Image of Phoebee at Quilt Market
Phoebee 2.0 in the Hoffman booth at market!
Image of Electric Garden
Phoebee 2.0 pictured in the Projects Catalog

Quilt Market in Houston was a big debute for Phoebee. I was fortunate that several kind quilter souls saw her hanging in the Hoffman California Fabric booth and shared their pics with me on Instagram! Thank you, friends! 

In addition to quit shops across America, I am shipping Phoebee 2.0 patterns to a very fun quilt shop in Canada!

See more quilt patterns designed for Hoffman California Fabrics HERE!

Original Phoebee and Phoebee 2.0 quilt patterns are available in my Etsy Shop HERE.

Image of Bee Quilt
Phoebee Quilt Pattern

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Enjoy your quilting journey!


  1. Nancy Wilson

    Congratulations on all of your designs and your success!

  2. Caroline Tilghman

    I was so surprised when I saw a photo someone posted of Phoebe hanging in the Hoffman booth at Market and very excited, too! Congratulations on the progress you have been making with your wonder patterns!

  3. The Bee

    Thanks, Caroline! It was exciting!