Hang your quilts the fast and easy way, using prairie points!

Let’s face it…quilts take time. We really should cherish each step of the process. But it’s those last few steps that sometimes really get me:

the binding…

the label…

the SLEEVE…ugh!

Now there is a fast, easy way to attach a hanging sleeve  with just a few quick points – Prairie Points!

Click here for How-To video!

Take a few squares of fabric, fold them diagonally twice and lay them on your quilt. Baste with your machine, inside your binding seam, and stitch by hand the points ONLY. That’s it! It’s that easy.

Now let’s break it down:

If you have a small wall hanging, 5 inch squares will do.  If you have a large bed quilt, 12 – 16 inch squares will work.  The number you need depends on how large you make them and the size of your quilt. You’ll see, as soon as you fold one and hold it up to your quilt, how many you’ll need. This method is so much faster and easier that the traditional “sleeve”, you’ll be looking forward to putting these on your quilt at last!

So, for this tiny wall hanging (11  inches wide), I am using two five-inch squares.

Easy Method for Hanging Quilts

For small pieces, I like to use an even number of triangles so that the center is open for hanging it on one hook or nail. Of course, larger pieces need to be hung by two hooks, so the number of triangles attached to the quilt depend only on how many you want to add. For example, my 90 -inch wide quilt has 7 triangles which started with 12 1/2 inch squares.

Also great about this method, if you have a particularly heavy quilt to hang, you can add additional rod support in the center of your quilt in between two triangles.

So, take your square, fold it diagonally once, press. Fold that triangle

Folded twice from square.

Folded twice from square.

Hang your quilts using prairie points.

diagonally again, press. Do this for all of the squares and lay them at the top of your quilt, cut edge, lining up with the top edge of your quilt sandwich. Pin in place. Machine baste within the seam of your binding (whether the binding is on yet or not). Take a needle and thread (I like to use doubled thread for this) and stitch down each point, securing with several stitches.

Turn (or stitch and turn) binding as usual and your quilt is ready to hang! But, um, don’t forget your label!

Remember to adjust  the size and number of your squares based on the width of your quilt. For example:

My pink mini wall hanging uses four small, 4-inch squares.

Four 7-inch squares make prairie points for a 24-inch wide hanging.

Four 16-inch squares work well for a 48-inch quilt and easily accommodates the largest requirements for our quilt show standards. Simply add more of the same size prairie points for a bed-size quilt.

TIP: For small wall hangings, use an even number of prairie points and you can hang your quilt from a single nail or hook instead of levelling it between two points.



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