One…Singular Sensation

A Chorus Line at The Conservatory at Southeast Missouri State University

A Chorus Line rehearsal at The Conservatory of Theatre and Dance at Southeast Missouri State University

On the Line

On the Line

One…single, sensational tip… for show-quality quilt binding.

It’s a great idea. This is a pop-yourself-on-the-forehead kind of tip–and that’s exactly what I did when I first learned it.

You’ve trimmed your quilt and sewn on the binding. Next, you need to turn your binding. The trick to great binding is, of course, to have equal binding on the front and back of your quilt–WITH a filled edge. That involves a bit of math and precise stitching.

Just attach your binding as usual (generally by machine on the front). Grab a piece or ball of yarn. The length can be longer than the perimeter of your quilt or shorter and you can use more than one piece. Simply lay the yarn at the edge of your trimmed quilt and fold your binding over it. The yarn helps to fill the binding and makes it have a nice fold. You can “fit” different sizes of yarn before you begin stitching to see which size gives you better fill and gives your consistent width on the front and back of your quilt.


A bit of yarn makes your binding better!

I like to use white or neutral yarn for light bindings and it doesn’t matter the color on darker bindings.

Now, I am big on giving credit where credit is due and I am sorry to say I can not determine the name of the person who first came up with this idea. I can tell you, it wasn’t me!

If you are like me, some quilts call for perfect binding and some are “get-‘er-done” bindings. No matter if your quilt is going to competition or be used every day, a little yarn in the mix will make your binding BETTER!

So, do you want to know who’s in that chorus line above? My kiddo! She’s playing the role of Cassie (wears red, oldest auditioner–last chance to dance–she sings and dances to “The Music and The Mirror”). The show opens in three days and I haven’t even begun her “shoe” quilt yet (see It’s All About The Shoes  and “Sweet Dreams…of You”  !)

UPDATE: Here she is as Cassie! Click on any of the below pics for a video clip from her role in the show.

Jacquelyn Kiefner as Cassie in A Chorus Line

Jacquelyn Kiefner as Cassie in A Chorus Line

Jacquelyn Kiefner as Cassie in A Chorus Line

Jacquelyn Kiefner as Cassie in A Chorus Line

One...Singular Sensation

One…Singular Sensation

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