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Two simple quilting tools make a big difference in my stitching experience.

While both of these quilting tools are “Barney” purple, their uses are anything but child’s play!

The Cutting Gizmo has it’s place in my studio AND my retreat bag.

First, let’s look at The Cutting Gizmo. If you chain piece, this guy is a must-have! The Cutting Gizmo (click here) is by no means new longevity is in it’s favor. This tool by Gypsy Quilter is the best stationary snipper I have found.

Specifically, The Cutting Gizmo is a weighted cutter with a rubber, non-slip bottom. It is especially wonderful to use when you are making lots of chain-pieced segments for a pieced quilt. Just grab the two fabric pieces and draw them down either side of the gizmo to cut the connecting thread.

This gizmo saves and repetitive movements.

Seriously, think about the time it takes to grab your scissors, re-positioning your hands, snip a thread and put down your scissors.

Instead, you just pop up from your machine, snip, snip, snip and press, press, press! I keep this tool on the end of my ironing board, always.

That Purple Thang is a useful quilting tool, too.

Secondly, that long thin stick is one of the first quilting tools I ever purchased. So, at about twenty years old, it must be a good “thang”. It’s actually called, That Purple Thang from the Little Foot Quilt Shoppe.

That Purple Thang is more than just a pointy tool.

One end is softly pointed with a slight curve. It’s perfect to send nearer your moving needle than you want to send your fingers. You can control your fabric with the thin tip. The softly squared end is useful, too. One use is for turning a getting neat edges when turning a project right side out. I’ve had other tools made for this purpose, but this is the one I always go back to. I’m not sure why, but unlike other similar tools I’ve owned, I don’t misplace this one! I think it’s the cute name…

Both tools are shown on the Phoebee 2.0 quilt made from both beautiful sides of Hoffman California Fabrics.

This line of fabric, called Electric Garden, is bold and soft at the same time. Learn more about using both beautiful sides of fabric HERE.

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