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Here you’ll find free designs for fun craft and sewing projects as well as the River Heritage Mystery Quilt patterns.
Image of Mystery Quilt Reveal

Firstly, many of  these free designs are pdf downloads in individual blog posts. You’ll discover a variety of crafting projects as well as a full mystery quilt pattern.

Free Designs in Wool, Fabric, and Thread

There’s a sunflower pillow made with wool, burlap, and lace. Another wool project is a winter candle “cozy” with a cotton fabric snowflake.

Additionally, you’ll find a number of punch needle embroidery ideas.

Moreover, there are Valentine’s Day projects that include both wool applique and punch needle designs.

One of the free designs is a miniature version of the “JOY” quilt pattern that you can use to decorate simple bags for Christmas gifting. It’s another way to use BOTH beautiful sides of fabric!

Finally, get all the blog posts and downloads for the River Heritage Mystery Quilt. Karla designed this quilt for her local guild, River Heritage Quilters’ Guild. It features blocks that depict life on and around the mighty Mississippi River. There are nine free block designs plus setting instructions with links to the next step at the bottom of each post.

Lighted Bridge Quilt Block

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

The Lighted Bridge quilt block is revealed here as Month Four of the River Heritage Mystery Quilt!

Firstly, the Lighted Bridge quilt block was designed directly from the night time view of the Bill Emerson bridge that connects Cape Girardeau, Missouri to East Cape, Illinois.

Lighted Bridge on the River.

Lighted Bridge Quilt Block Photo
Month Four – Lighted Bridge Quilt Block

Notably, this bridge was opened in 2003 when it replaced an old two-lane bridge near the same location. The Bill Emerson bridge is a beautiful landmark which thousands of people cross each day. I designed this block to depict this nighttime view of the bridge, with its reflection in the Mississippi River. The bridge is 4,000 feet long, 100 feet wide, and is illuminated with 140 lights.

Lighted Bridge

Four flying geese units make this bridge and it’s reflection. The design depicts the lighted cables of the bridge and their reflection in the river. Accordingly, the three stripes of color indicate the sky, the bridge roadway, and the water.

Image of Lighted Bridge Quilt Block
Lighted Bridge Quilt Block
Digital Image of Quilt Block

Overview of the Quilt Block

Lighted Bridge uses light fabric for the two bridge cables, medium for the lighted night sky and reflected cables, and dark for the bridge roadway and water.

Definitely, you’ll want to watch the placement of values in your fabric choices. Naturally, water is often depicted with a dark value. The reflection and above water could be in the same color family, but with differing values. Finally, take care that the bridge lights and sky have enough contrast between them. Learn more about VALUE HERE.

Printer Friendly Version

Another coloration of the Lighted Bridge Quilt Block

Similarly, this version has good contrasting values.

Image of quilt block

Another beautiful view!

Image of Lighted Bridge
View from Red Star Boat Ramp

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Want to start at the beginning? Here’s the Introduction to River Heritage Mystery Quilt Pattern.

River Heritage Month Five

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Month Three BOM Mystery Quilt

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

The Flock of Geese block is Month Three!

The Flock of Geese block has to be a part of our River Heritage Mystery Quilt. Geese are seen throughout the year flying near and over the river.

Image of River for Flock of Geese Block
Month Three – Flock of Geese Block

Pictured above is Tower Rock (Grand Tower) on the frozen Mississippi River. Tower Rock is impassable except when the river is extremely low or frozen over.

This photo, taken by Jake Pohlman in January 2018,  shows people crossing the frozen river to the landmark island and rock formation usually only accessible by land during extreme drought. 

Tower Rock

Tower Rock is located in the Brazeau Township, Perry County, Missouri, near the town of Wittenberg, Missouri, and across the river from Grand Tower, Illinois. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. Jacques Marquette, a French explorer, mentioned this island in 1673 when he passed by this formation. Tower Rock has been known to instill both fear and poetry in river pilots due to the force of the whirlpool effect the water hitting the formation creates.

Flocks of geese are common near the river.

A flock of geese is a common sight in our area, especially in the fields adjacent to the river line. Therefore, it is fitting that this Flock of Geese block be a part of our River Heritage quilt!

Image of river in flock of geese block

Flock of Geese Block

Welcome to the third month in the River Heritage Block-of-the-Month Mystery Quilt!

Flock of Geese is made with two easy components but, as with Railroad Crossing, it can be used to make a stunning quilt by itself or with a secondary block.

As I mentioned in the introduction, I am making my quilt blocks very scrappy, so where it calls for one large dark and one large light square, I make two to achieve a scrappy look. I toss my extra squares in my BOM scrap bin to grab for future blocks.

Check your values!

The Flock of Geese block uses dark and light fabrics. It is an easy block made with two four-patches of half-square triangles (HS) and two large half-square triangles.

Flock of Geese Block Printer Friendly Version

Image of Flock of Geese Block

Chain Piecing for Four Patches

To speed up your process, use a chain piecing method for the four-patch units.

Image of Flock of Geese Block

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River Heritage Month Four


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Month Two River Heritage BOM Mystery

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Make the Railroad Crossing block for Month Two!

Image of frozen river for Railroad Crossing block

The Railroad Crossing block is the first stop on Month Two of River Heritage! Railroads belong with rivers, for sure. Here’s a view of this track near the Mighty Mississippi River.

Image of Railroad Crossing block

About Railroad Crossing Block

This quilt block makes a stunning statement. While there are other versions of this block, this one is a versatile block which could be used in a variety of settings. Furthermore, you could get an interesting secondary pattern by the use of value in large half-square triangle units. This one is a simple, but stunning version. Moreover, this block could make a great stash-busting, scrappy quilt all by itself!

Learn more about VALUE here.

Break down of Railroad Crossing Block

Specifically, this block is made of two half-square triangle units and two four-patch units. Click here for more information on Half-Square Triangle Units.

In the same fashion as the Paddlewheel block, you’ll want to use dark, medium, and light fabrics. Remember to check your values as you choose fabrics and placement. Additionally, It is an easy block to make. It requires only two four-patches units and two half-square triangle units.

Printable PDF: River Heritage Month 2

Image of Quilt Block

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A special thank you to my nephew, Blake Kiefner, for letting me use his gorgeous picture of the frozen Mississippi River!

River Heritage Month Three

My quilt patterns shown below in Nancy’s Notions Catalog!

Image of Nancy's Notions Page

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Free Block-of-the-Month Mystery Quilt

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Month One for River Heritage Block-of-the-Month Mystery Quilt block progress is well underway!

Before we look at the next block in the series, let’s see the guild’s quilt block progress so far on the first block!

Importantly, these Paddle Wheel blocks use dark, medium, and light fabrics.

Specifically, it’s wise to audition your fabrics all together since values can change depending what it’s near. Click here for more information about The Tricky Traits of Value.

Additionally, the Paddle Wheel block is made of squares and half-square triangle units.

See the Introduction HERE for more information about the quilt, including the general setting guidelines.

I think a fun way to gauge the progress is by taking a look at the blocks shared so far with the hashtag: #riverheritage

Click HERE for Month One: Paddle Wheel

Paddle Wheel Quilt Block Progress
Month One – Paddle Wheel Block

Look at the quilt block progress and all the fabulous fabrics used in these Paddle Wheels!Image of Paddle Wheel BlocksImage of Paddle Wheel Blocks

It’s not too late to start this free mystery quilt.

Make your Paddle Wheel today!

Share your Paddlewheel with this: #riverheritage  

Click HERE for Month Two!

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First Mystery Quilt Block Reveal

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

The Paddle Wheel block is your first fun project for The River Heritage Mystery Quilt!

An iconic symbolism itself, the Paddle Wheel block is a fun way to start a quilt depicting life along the river.

Image of River for Paddle Wheel Block
Month One – Paddle Wheel Block

pad*dle wheel /‘padl ,(h)wēl/ a large steam-driven wheel with boards around its circumference, situated at the stern or side of a ship so as to propel the ship through the water by its rotation.

Month One – Paddle Wheel Block

The quilt block is made with dark, medium, and light fabrics. I’ve decided to make this sample quilt as scrappy as possible. However, for this block, I choose to keep consistency in the actual wheel design. Moreover, this particular block has a very central placement in this overall design. Therefore, a bold Paddle Wheel statement will work nicely. Future blocks will accommodate a more scrappy look.

In addition, this is a very balanced block, although not necessary symmetrical, depending on the contrasts in your light and medium valued fabrics.

Image of Paddle Wheel Block
Paddle Wheel – Month One
River Heritage

The Units

Overall, this design is made using half-square triangle units and four-patch units, along with a center square. It is an easy block to make. Oftentimes, it is confused with a similar design called the water wheel.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the fabrics of your paddle wheel have a stark contrast by using a dark value. To learn more about value, click HERE.

Month One Paddle Wheel Block Printer Friendly Version

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Have fun making your Paddle Wheel block! In addition, each month of this mystery will be presented to you with photos, adventures, and more about life along the river. Firstly, above is a photo of a very frozen Mississippi River.

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FREE Block-of-the-Month Mystery

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Here is the introduction to the FREE Mystery Quilt Patterns for Block-of-the-Month.

First, this is a collection of blocks for free mystery quilt patterns which are originally revealed monthly for my quilt guild. Anyone can start and finish this quilt any time!

River Photo for Free Mystery Quilt Patterns

When I agreed to head up the Block-of-the-Month program for my local guild, I decided to make the quilt a collection of free mystery quilt patterns. I have to say, while the first reveal is yet to come, I’ve had a lot of fun already!  

After an exhausting online search a set of patterns, I decided to create one myself. Since my guild is called River Heritage Quilters’ Guild, I thought a quilt depicting river life would be appropriate.

Here is an over-view of what to expect.

While this quilt will have special meaning for those who live near river life, and especially for those near the mighty Mississippi in southeast Missouri, it can be appreciated by most as a beautiful sampler of blocks in a lovely setting.

River Heritage free mystery quilt patterns will feature nine traditionally-pieced blocks in a lovely setting which will finish at 66 x 66 inches.

  • Most of the quilt blocks have a common river-life theme and a couple of them have regional and local references.
  • This will be a nice quilt for gifting to a loved one (you’ll see why when we get to that block) or to have as a keepsake, especially if you are a member of River Heritage Quilters’ Guild.  While members of the RHQG will recognize that the names of the blocks have a connection to our guild and the general region of our country, the quilt itself is very appropriate for anyone around the world and would be considered a sampler quilt in a beautiful setting.
  • I suggest hitting your stash for your light, medium, and dark fabrics in three colors. You’ll also need some light neutrals (ranging from white to light beige and gray). The blocks themselves can be scrappy, so you can add to your collection as the mystery and the year unfolds!
  • The setting for this quilt will be striking and yet easy to put together. Instructions and specific fabric requirements for the setting and borders will follow the last block instructions. In general (in case you want to plan ahead), one yard for the dark border and 1 ½ yds. for the three light, medium, and dark setting pieces and binding will be sufficient. (Your nine mystery blocks will be in the light gray squares.) This picture is very similar but not exactly how your setting will look (it is a MYSTERY, after all!).Image of Quilt Setting

Block instructions are published individually for nine months. There is a final reveal post, as well (River Heritage Mystery Quilt Reveal).

Note: Seams are ¼ inch unless otherwise noted. When piecing rows, alternate pressing direction. (For example, I press row one to the right, row two to the left, etc. for easy nesting of seams.)

Fabric selections, blocks, and quilts are shared using the hashtags, #mysteryquilt and #riverheritage on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

Therefore, this is a spoiler alert for those who wish this to remain “free mystery quilt patterns”!

Check out some  Fabulous Quilting Tools here!

Introduction; Printer Friendly Version

River Heritage Month One

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Enjoy your quilting journey!

Love Notes Punch Needle

Love Notes Punch Needle adds a little interest to embroidery!

Love Notes Punch Needle Embroidery
Love Notes Punch Needle


I love to collect tiny picture frames, lockets, and unusual findings for my punch needle projects. For Love Notes, I found a tiny white, wooden frame at Michael’s, traced the inside shape onto my cloth, sketched my design, and started punching. This is a fast project, easily done in one evening.

Find the frame HERE.

If you’ve punched before, you know it helps to outline your objects before adding the fill. I generally sketch my object designs (like the envelope and heart) and “free-hand” the background swirls. Of course, using variegated threads easily adds interest to the design.

Starting small is a good idea. I like to do miniatures for several reasons. Time, of course, is the most obvious. But also, working in small designs gives me a chance for trial and error. I can practice using different sizes and colors of threads without committing myself long-term.

Other findings that I find interesting are shaped metals pendants (I found a cat shape and others), metal bracelets, and flower-shaped picture frames.

Look for designs like Love Notes Punch Needle on Pinterest HERE.

Take a look at Love Notes mini quilt and Love Notes mini wool applique HERE at A Love Note from Johnny to June (I just love the story of Johnny Cash and June Carter.)

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Happy Stitching!

Let It Snow Woolie

A little wool, a little thread… and a cozy little candle with wool applique.

Okay, so you’ll also need a needle, scissors, some fusible, a hair elastic and a button, but you get the idea. Simple, sweet and cozy for a snow flurry kind of day!

I used the snowflake Accuquilt die for this quick applique. Makes a sweet gift.

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O Holy Night

Manger Scene Wool Applique


Here is a sweet wool applique manger scene for you!

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. Luke 2:7

Christmas blessings to you each day of the year!


Do ya wanna build a snowman?

Make a snowman today!

Come on, let’s go and play! You can build a snowman today with Mr. Snowman Punch Needle!

Put down your lists and have-tos.

Make a snowman yours today!

First of all, no shovel is needed for this little guy – and very few supplies!

Just grab one tiny 3-inch canvas, your punching supplies and some yummy threads to make yourself a little, friendly snowman.

Get details and the Mr. Snowman Punch Needle PDF download HERE.

Mr. Snowman Punch Needle
Mr. Snowman Punch Needle

Also, you’ll find a link for a How-To tutorial!

In addition to this little guy working up super-fast, he adds some needlework texture to your winter decor! (See Textures of Christmastime) My guy likes to sit in front of my “Winter Blessings” quilt (pattern by Shabby Fabrics) hanging in my dining room but he’d be darling on a window sill!

Alternatively, you can draw your favorite snowman. What’s great about punch needle is the simpler, the better. So think back to how you would draw a snowman as a kid-then punch away!

Winter Blessings Quilt Pattern by Shabby Fabrics
Winter Blessings Quilt
Pattern by Shabby Fabrics
Do ya wanna build a snowman?

A side note.

A few years ago, my girls dressed as Anna and Elsa and sang for the Salvation Army ringer outside our mall. It was cold, but they had a great time, surprised lots of little ones by being there, and brought in a few more dollars for the Salvation Army.

Do ya wanna build a snowman?

It also made for a great Christmas card that year!

Do ya wanna build a snowman?

Remember to be prepared for the winter days ahead and check your emergency supplies, like water, batteries, thread, treadle machine oil (in case you lose electricity), and chocolate!

Most of all, enjoy your quilting journey!

Image of Quilt
Noelle is made with BOTH beautiful sides of one Christmas floral!

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