Seven Projects from Quilt Retreat

Projects from quilt retreat are as varied as the Ladies of the Lake.

Twice a year our Lady of the Lake quilting group takes in a little nearby retreat – in fact, it’s so nearby that there is a constant stream of coming and going to town for meetings, family duties, or to pick up forgotten supplies. That may not sound like much of a retreat, since the idea of quilt retreats are to get away from the everyday distractions so you can focus solely on quilting….

but these retreats are like little bonus days. Some quilters can spend the night. Others are day-timers. Some have doctor’s appointments, grand-babies to sit, ballgames to watch, or more.

As many reasons as we each have to come and go, we have that much variation in the projects we come together to complete.

Here are a few:

Image of Blocks Being Stitched Together

Quilts of Valor Kits being made.

Donna was making up large stars from donated fabrics our guild members provided. She had help from another friend, Mary T., who visited our retreat. See One Stitch at a Time to see my dad’s Quilt of Valor or go to the Quilt of Valor Foundation here.

Image of Star Blocks

Sandy worked on her 30’s block for class.

Sandy worked on “30s” blocks for a Merle’s Girls class she is taking.

Lynnore was working on her new Moda Cake Mix Recipe blocks.

Image of Quilt Blocks

Lynnore stitched up her new Moda Cake Mix Recipe blocks.

Image of Scan N Cut

Nancy and Rosie mastered Scan N Cut techniques.

Nancy and Rosie conquered Scan and Cut projects, including a new technique using freezer paper.

Mary designed a quilt using an unusual panel while Pat stitched up some batik blocks.

Barb faithfully worked on her hand-stitched Christmas stockings (not pictured).

Image of Panel Quilt Top

Mary Designed a Panel Quilt

Image of Block using batiks.

Pat loves working with batiks.

I spent most of my time designing a companion quilt for Phoebee – using the reverse side of fabric for reflective color value. We pondered the name for this new design and everyone offered their ideas. Here’s a sneak peak at her:

Image of New Quilt Design

See Designing Quilts by Chance to get an idea of what this girl might be!

One thing I can say about this group of Chickies is that we are best of pals. We love and value each other dearly, even if we don’t see eye to eye all the time or all have completely different lives outside of our quilting. Quilting is the common “thread” that keeps the Ladies of the Lake coming back together, again and again.

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Comment below and tell me what kind of retreats you like or want to attend. What are your favorite projects to take on retreats?


  1. Barb

    Such fun ladies…the retreats are good for the soul! Love to take it all on retreat! Especially like to start or prep something new.

  2. Rosie conrad

    So glad to be part of your following. I love to watch the way you show such creative projects. Great ideas.

  3. The Bee

    Thanks, darlin’ Rosie! I always like to see what you are working on.

  4. The Bee

    Thanks, Barb! You’re right – retreats are good for the soul!

  5. Mary l green

    I love reading your blogs… are a very creative and special friend….❤️

  6. Merle

    So proud of what you do. Great work, great talent

  7. The Bee

    Thanks, Merle!

  8. The Bee

    Back atcha, Mary! Thanks for following!

  9. Sandy wilhelm

    Bering with these quilters keep me young happy and always learning new things

  10. The Bee

    Sandy, we need roller skates to keep up with you! Thanks for following!

  11. kk

    Looking forward to seeing the dragon fly.

  12. The Bee

    Me, too! Thanks, kk!